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This is Why You Must Vote 'OUT' at the EU Referendum

Posted on the 27 June 2013 by Davidduff

This doesn't just 'take the biscuit', it takes the whole bloody tin and shoves it where the sun don't shine!  Sometimes one single story sums up a multitude of different factors.  Today, The Mail reports that the EU Commission are planning to cut the budget of the financial watchdog which checks their spending.  For eighteen straight years the EU Court of Auditors has refused to sign off the Commission's budget on the grounds that it was so lax that corruption was almost certain - why am I not surprised?  So now the Commission is seeking revenge by cutting the Auditors' budget whilst, at the same time:

Spending on the pensions of Brussels bureaucrats is set to rise by 7.2 per cent, partly
because of costs associated with an increase in the number of officials taking early retirement.

The budget of the European Parliament will also rise by 1.7 per cent next year, while
administrative spending in Brussels will increase by a similar amount.

Spending on the EU’s ‘decentralised agencies’, which form the bulk of the EU’s 52 quangos, are set to receive a 3.8 per cent rise.

Your duty is clear - vote UKIP at the next European election and vote 'OUT' at the referendum - if we ever get one!  Failure to do so will bring down on your miserable heads the curse of D&N and you will awake to find your body covered in festering sores and your store of euros saved for the hols reduced to ash!

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