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This is the Man We Should Be Aiding

By Davidduff

I posted a few weeks ago on the extraordinary courage of the President of Egypt, Al-Sisi, when on the 1st January he attended a meeting of Muslim religious leaders at Al-Azhar University and called for what was in effect a religious revolution in the teaching of Islam and an end to the extremism that had been quietly injected into it over recent decades.  Several questions immediately arose - did he mean it? - would he pursue it? - would he face down the opposition that was bound to erupt?

Well, according to a fascinating article by Michele Antaki at The American Thinker, he appears to be sticking to his principles.  Happily, he has been aided by the stupidity of his fanatical enemies.  Thus their recent kidnapping and butchering of 21 Christian Copts who were also Egyptian citizens gave him the excuse to send in warplanes over Libya to attack the perps.  It also allowed him to make a second visit to the Copt cathedral in Cairo to commiserate with the congregation on their loss.

This is the man we should be aiding

Now he has issued a decree banning the teaching of violence by Muslims against non-Muslims especially in the prestigious Al-Azhar University.  He has managed to gain support from several leading clerics in Egypt and, it would appear, from a majority of the Egyptian people.  Suffice to say that I would require a considerable amount of danger money before taking on the job of being his chauffeur!  Al-Sisi is the bravest politician in the world today and we must all hope he lives long enough to drive through his moderate Muslim beliefs.  If, instead of licking the arses of the murderous Iranian leadership, Obama quietly deployed American money and aid in the direction of Egypt it might - just! - convince me that he actually possesses more than two brain cells!


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