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This, I Promise You, Will Make You Feel Better About Humankind

By Davidduff

What with hoovering downstairs and then mopping the kitchen floor and preparing coffee and biscuits for the 'Memsahib's first set of visitors, then preparing lunch(*) before putting on two loads of laundry I haven't had much time for blogging.  However, I did have time to watch this short YouTube film which sort of brings a lump to the throat whilst simultaneously offering a rare glimpse of hope for Mankind: 

Of course, in a manner of speaking, I suppose you could call it a load of rubbish!

(*) When forced to it I can be quite imaginative with food, you know, about three times every ten years of which one in three actually works.  Anyway, this was something I made up as I went along:

I bought a bag of brioche rolls, they're both light and sweet.  I sliced the top off the rolls in order to provide a flat surface and lightly toasted them under the grill.

Then I covered them with cheese, Normandy camembert for Madame but Welsh goat cheese for me.  On top of the cheese I placed a few small chunks of tinned Portugese sardines plus some small slices of tomato, and then bunged them back under the grill until the cheese melted.  Note - make sure the brioche roll is very well covered by the cheese to avoid burning round the edges!

The great thing about this variation of 'cheese on toast' is both the lightness of the brioche which allows you to be generous with how much you serve and its sweetness which contrasts with the more savoury cheese and sardines.  Anyway, the 'Memsahib' pronounced that she would be very happy to eat it again - so I have definitely earned some brownie points!

Additional:  When you've finished watching the YouTube above, and filling your kitchen with burned brioche, cheer yourself up with this which is very good fun:


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