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They Know What's Coming but Are They Prepared?

By Davidduff

I refer to the Republican party 'over there' who are hurtling down a tunnel towards the light but in the full knowledge that the light concerned is an approaching 'Obama Express'!  The questions arise as to whether they should meet it head on and bring about an almighty smash, or, after waving as many warning flags as possible, divert to a branch line and let the charging behemoth reach its destination.  I refer, of course, to Obama's deeply unconstitutional intention to use Presidential diktat to force through an amnesty on thousands of illegal immigrants from 'south of the border'.  His and the Democrat party's motivation is precisely as 'down and dirty' as Brown and Balls when they opened the floodgates to immigration confidant that the grateful newcomers would vote Labour.  Similarly, every Hispanic immigrant and all of his family granted legality by Obama diktat in the USA will swell the ranks of the Democrat party.  The general opinion seems to be that by such unconstitutional behaviour, Obama is opening himself up to the possibility of impeachment by the Congress.  And that is when the brown stuff will hit the fan!

In other comment threads I have remarked to my 'Kipper' friends that politics is a highly sophisticated exercise which is why not too many politicians are good at it - and most of us would be hopeless.  This conundrum facing the GOP is tricky beyond belief.  Going to the two extremes, they could move to impeach Obama whilst, after January, refusing any Federal budget allocation to support his measure.  The Tea Party types would be all in favour, in fact, a very large swathe of the whole Republican constituency would also cheer in support of strong action.  At the other extreme of possible re-action would be a polite but firm stance in opposition to the mass amnesty but one that would draw back from bringing the government of the USA to a grinding halt.

Now here's a first - I simply do not know enough - you don't read that very often on this blog! - about American politics to offer any firm advice.  It seems to me, from the outside looking in, that over the next two years, the GOP must bend all efforts to one single purpose, that is, to maximise to the full their chances of winning the Presidency.  To that end they need to speed up the process of choosing Gov. Scott Walker - oh, yes, he's my man! - and make sure that during that nomination competition as little blood as possible is spilled.  Virtually the entire American media are pro-Democrat and can be relied upon to squeeze every piece of malignant juice from any undue squabbles between Republican candidates.

Given that as the one and only aim for the next two years, I take heed of the advice from 'The Kraut' in various places that no matter how outrageous and provocative Obama's actions are the GOP should avoid impeachment action.  If he and the Democrat party are prepared to move into areas of unconstitutional malfeasance the GOP should oppose it vehemently but in the end - let 'em own it!  I'm not happy writing this because increasingly I feel that America is - has? - changed irrevocably but if rule by edict is the new game in town then that makes a Republican presidential win all the more essential in 2016.  Then, it will be a case of the biters bit - and the howls of pain and anguish from the Democrat party and its media chorus will be a delight to hear as a Republican president uses Democrat-style unconstitutionality against them! 

Alas, quite where all this will end I do not know but it seems to me that America is paddling towards exceedingly dangerous waters.


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