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Thermo Detonator “Stim Free” – Multi Award Winning Fatburner! Declare War on Fat!!!

By Martin Gergov

stim free

Thermo Detonator Stim Free® – The cutting edge, stimulant free weight management supplement. Using break-through patented Dual Release Technology® (DRT), Thermo Detonator Stim Free® utilises an outer and inner capsule designed to deliver its patented active ingredients into the body for maximum results.

  • Advanced thermogenic formula*;
  • Contains key ingredients clinically proven to burn fat*;
  • Increased Energy.


Liquid outer capsule

The liquid outer capsule contains only premium grade CLA and is utilised for immediate release or “first phase absorption”.

stim free

Comprising only of highly bio-available 80% triglyceride form Conjugated linoleic acid, facilitating a faster delivery vs. other standard formulations.

Encapsulated inner capsule

The encapsulated inner capsule contains a cutting-edge thermogenic formula, all without the need of unwanted stimulants.

stim free

This inner capsule is then subsequently metabolised as part of the ‘second phase absorption’ and loaded with:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine, produced in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine and largely synthesised within the liver and kidneys. It is most commonly found in muscular tissues that utilise fatty acids as their main energy source.
  • Patented Phytophare® Green Tea Extract,a highly concentrated 10:1 extract of Green Tea. As Phytophare® has only extracted actives and not concentrated with ‘inert’ plant materials such as water and cellulose. A 60mg dose of Phytophare® is equivalent to 600mg of standard Green Tea.
  • CapsiAtra®CH-19 Sweet (3% Dihydrocapsiate), a rock star when it comes to weight management ingredients.

CapsiAtra®, is a dihydrocapsiate compound naturally found in CH-19 Sweet peppers. CapsiAtra® has extensive safety and toxicity data gathered from over 50 published studies on capsiates reflecting its benefits on exercise, weight management, endurance and metabolism.

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