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Shoulder Workout? Make a B-shape with This Exercise!

By Martin Gergov

Don’t miss your shoulder workout! Use basic exercises. And the best shoulder exercise is ..! The exercise called shoulder presses. The shoulders are a muscle group that, if developed properly, gives the body an athletic V-shape. Learn more about it in my article.

Execution of the exercise “Dumbbell shoulder press”

Take starting position as shown in the picture“Start”. The hands’ placement is a little wider than the width of the shoulders. The chest is pushed forward, while the buttocks are pushed backwards (a slight S-shaped posture should form). The head should be facing forward and slightly tilt upwards. Maintain the described form throughout the execution of the entire exercise.

Shoulder workout

Start slowly lowering the dumbbells down until the moment they reach the point in which they interlock a straight line with the tip of the ears (gradually moving to picture “End”) whilst also maintaining even breathing- by the time you’ve reached the lowest point of the exercise (picture “End”) you should have already taken a deep breath.

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After reaching the lowest point of the exercise start smoothly pushing the dumbbell upwards whilst gradually exhaling so that by the time you have reached the highest point of the exercise you have fully exhaled.

Necessary equipment: Running shoes with a hard platform, a steady non-slippery surface, a comfortable sports outfit, and dumbbells.

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