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'There Will Be Blood', Mostly Yellow and Blue!

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Davidduff

As James Forsyth sets out with great clarity in this week's Spectator - go and buy a copy, you tight wad, don't just click on it! - the forthcoming bloodfest in Eastleigh will be a delight for those (like me) who, had we lived during the French revolution would have punched old ladies sitting knitting before the guillotine in order to pinch their front row seats!  This really is Mr. Smug vs., er, well, Mr Smug Mk.II, really.  It's difficult to tell Dave 'n' Cleggy apart.  They both have smooth, chubby cheeks which you just know are stuffed full of self-satisfaction.  They are both incredibly stupid and, needless to say, they are a prime pair of lying liars.  But over the next three weeks they will be engaged in a slugfest to the political death over the Eastleigh seat vacated by the 'Lesbian-straightener'.

And I do think it will be to the political death of one of them.  Forsyth reports that both camps intend to hurl in every possible missile they can lay hands on in their efforts to win this seat.  According to him, Cleggy thinks that Eastleigh, despite the soiled reputation of its previous MP, is still solidly Lib-Dem judged on recent local elections which they wrapped up easily.  Dave is convinced that this is a seat that can - and must - be taken because there-in lies the first seed of success in the next general election in which he supposes that the Lib-Dem vote will collapse gifting the Tories with an extra 20+ seats.

If I have any readers in Eastleigh I will take the opportunity now to ask - nay, beg - them to hold their noses and vote Lib-Dem because if Dave loses this one having chucked everything including the kitchen sink at it, then I really do think his days are numbered.  Do it, Eastleigh!

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