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There's No Short Cut To Success

Posted on the 02 February 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Hello friends, this post is designed for the one's who feel that learning about concepts is a waste of time. Everyday am getting many number of mails asking me to tell some short cuts to scriptwriting and film making. So, this post is just like a clarification for all those who mail me with the above content that i don't know anything extra ordinary and i am not a god. Even great directors like Gowtham Menon, Mani Ratnam went to film schools or instead they worked as a assistant under some prominent directors. Hope these people who mail me are not beyond that, and please remember if u really like a field(may it be anything) one should have dedication, skills and hard word to cherish.

Getting Trained And Knowing Fundamentals or Basics About any Art is A Must:

I am very much surprised after reading some mails from our blog readers, stating that sir, i have an idea.. just tell me how to create a script or a story in a short cut process since i don't want to spend so much of time in learning things about screenwriting and film making, i am much more interested in approaching directors and producers rather than knowing something related to subject which can enlighten or elevate his ideas into a fantastic script. Well friends, getting trained and knowing basics is a must for any field let it be anything it is a must. if anyone tells u that there is no necessity to learn anything about film making and script writing then just blindly treat him like a fool and don't ever listen to him again. Just think, your aim is to become a good/great director, but u don't know anything about that..then what should be your idea..? first of all u should be a good student to become a good teacher. So, u should learn the subject in as many ways as u can..without knowing anything u can't reach anywhere. So, first try to gather as much as knowledge as possible then try to approach someone. There is no short cut to success.

Don't Mail Me With Personal Obligations:

Friends, i don't have any filmy background. i am just a normal upper middle class guy with lots of interest in film making and scriptwriting. I didn't go to any film school or don't have anyone to teach me. All the posts wrote by me are my hard of 3 years. i have started this blog to share my concepts with liked minded people like me.And with a intention to arrange all the concepts related to film making and screenwriting at one place. I don't know anyone from film industry, and more over i am interested in subject rather than meeting people or approaching a producer.I love film making that's it. If u have any advices related to development of the content please let me know i will be happy. But please don't ask me to introduce to some director or film maker. And to tell u, i don't get any income from this blog. And many of u doesn't know i have few more blogs related to different subjects, to maintain all these i need 5000 bucks/year..just feel about my interest in the subject and try to cooperate. If i have hurt anyone of u am really sorry, but after lots of mails i am writing this post. These are only my feelings hope u all understand. Thanks for your time.

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