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The World Wide Web Hidden Rule

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

Let’s have a break from all the travel posts and everything about Cebu. I bet, everyone is going tired reading my entries about it, though I love Cebu for so many reasons.

There is no such thing as free lunch.

Yes, I learned that in my Finance/Accounting/Economics subjects. True. Even in the most complicated and vast space of the world wide web, there exists no such thing as free lunch. This is more or less a very familiar act in the blogosphere, one part of the whole world wide web.

A very sound example for this is the comment system. In the blogosphere, when one blogger leaves a comment, he expects you to comment back. Well, unless you are heap famous, you don’t need to comment back. If you are just an average blogger, you want to grow your readers. One of the ways is to be friendly and reply to the comments and of course comment back.

I am the type of blogger who does comment back on each one of my commenters. I visit blogs that is in my referrals. I believe in the saying that goes like Do onto others what you want them to do onto you.

Even in the most famous social network, Facebook, there is no free lunch. You like others’ photos, they feel obliged to like any of the photos that you are going to upload in the near future.

Of course, a relationship would not be that great if only one of the parties give love. Someone has to receive and give back. That’s profoundly similar to the world wide web. And sooner or later, this relationship is gonna get really complicated. Actually, it has already been.

*Of course, this whole thing does not apply to people you have known personally and befriended. Some of them like your photos or comment on your entries whole-heartedly. Or not! Well, of course, your friendship is the lunch I am talking about.


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The World Wide Web Hidden Rule

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