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The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

By Xmarkm @matthews_mark

Well, if The Walking Dead and American Horror Story were in a race, The Walking Dead just took off running at the start leaving AHS far behind.
Then again, maybe it's a marathon not a sprint (I tend to hate that expression).

Yesterday had plenty of action and enough of the human factor to make it the perfect start to the season. Walking Dead works best when its about the 'non-undead' and there's a morality play. When choices come out that determine who is human and who is savage and what happens to any sort of ethics when society collapses. The irony with last night's episode is that the Zombies were not the cannibals - they do not eat their own kind or hurt each other - but it was the humans who were the real monsters and fed off one another.

The quick back story blurb of Terminus gave you a bit of understanding for them at the end. And who didn't cry a bit when Darryl gave Carol such a hug. 

The Zombie gore does little for me. When I see a brain splattering scene, I figure that's just token blood to appease a certain section of the audience every once in a while. Then again, the blood in the trough added to the human terror of being treated like cattle to the butcher.
Other random complaints: I  hate that the zombies make noises. That shouldn't happen, especially when their jaws are split open. I also hate how they use hats. First, the awkward sheriff hat, and now the warm, knit cap that Tyrese wears while everyone else is full of sweat.
THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 5 PREMIEREIt was good stuff though. Well written, smart enough for your brain, human enough for your heart, and fun enough to make Sunday nights a little better.

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