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The Waiting Game

By Hannahr395
I think the absolute worst part about the college application process is that you spend all of high school planning it out and thinking about it and waiting eagerly for the day you submit your applications (and are finally done with the Common App forever!) without really thinking about the interim between applying to college and hearing back from colleges. It's this nasty little period of roughly three months, and currently, it's driving me nuts. To add to the agony, I've been getting emails and brochures and reminder letters in the mail, as if I've somehow forgotten about having applied to college. Trust me, I haven't. In the mean time, I'm really just stuck here counting down the days until March, the month when I will obsessively await the mail man every day (and sprint to the mail box, even if it means an asthma attack. Some things are just worth it.). I'm also hoping the weather brightens up. This rainy and snowy concoction of February weather is rather damp and depressing, and it's also a constant reminder that it's not spring yet, and with spring comes college decisions and more planning.
Until then, I'll just continue the usual routine, including physics, stats, a ton of lit essays (and I mean a ton...thankfully we're swiftly approaching our 10 page spring semester paper, so that will be longer and more fun), my never-ending battle with Java (not that I dislike Java or programming, I love it, just not when it's 2 am and I realize the program isn't working because I forgot to throw in a test for null in the if statement in one of my for loops in one of my methods. It was a long night.), and all the other fun things in between. Happy waiting to people who applied to college and haven't heard back yet!

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