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By Hannahr395
Today, my aunt received by far the best Christmas present ever. No, it was not an iPad. It was not a new phone, or a new purse, or jewelry, or chocolate, or silly things like that. She received PajamaGram--specifically, a full out leopard pajama body-suit. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, it truly is as fantastic as it sounds. It is complete with a detachable tail, a hood with ears, and paw prints for both the hands and feet. Unfortunately, I was busy working on college applications when she opened it. This is rather sad, seeing as my mom told me her expression was priceless. There is only one obvious thing to do when a leopard pajama bodysuit resides in your home: photo shoot.
My sister was the first one to try it on. She fell in love with it and proceeded to look up other pajamas like it on the Internet. Apparently they make panda and bunny versions, for all you panda/bunny lovers out there. After hearing my sister gush about the aforementioned pajamas, I felt the only natural thing to do was try them on myself. Were they really as comfortable, soft, and warm as my sister had described them? To put it simply, yes. The suit was incredibly comfortable. It's always cold in our house (at least to me), so I'm constantly wearing sweatshirts and socks. This leopard suit eliminated the need for those two things. The hood with ears, the tail, and the pockets made for a nice touch. My sister and I took turns posing in the suit, because seriously, who wouldn't? I actually thought it would be great for college/Halloween. It's just that comfortable.
For anyone interested in PajamaGrams, this is the website:  http://www.pajamagram.com/ (You can see the Panda/Leopard/Bunny pajamas pictured on the bottom of the main page.).
Happy Holidays!

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