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The Via Alpina is a Hidden Gem!

By Ryderwalker @RyderWalker

The Via Alpina is a Hidden Gem!
Here's a little update from the Via Alpina Uno:
The Via Alpina is a hidden gem! We met up in the town of Weistannen,tucked far up the valley from the city of Sargans, surrounded by massive peaksand waterfalls everywhere. Rain overnight dusted the peaks with snow and thecontrast from the green alps and white summits was astonishing.
The Via Alpina is a Hidden Gem!
We climbed through the morning until we crossed over the Foopass and descended into Elm, a small but artsy little village that sits on the valley floor. We ended the day with a few Appenzeller beers on the patio and watched as the sun set up for a evening alpenglow show.  The Via Alpina is a Hidden Gem!
Today we left Elm with our sights set on Braunwald. A big day of passes, high alpine meadows, and the threat of rain (but only a threat) kept us busy as wedescended into Linthal and hopped a cable car to the carless town ofBraunwald. 
The trip so far has been stunning and we only hope our luck with views and weather will hold! 
Mike Thurk, RW Trip Leader and Bon Vivant

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