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The Use of Sunglasses by Children as a Preventative Measure

Posted on the 27 June 2014 by Opticalh @OpticalH

visual protection for children

The arrival of Summer holidays entails practicing outdoor activities. Days in the sun, lunches at the terraces, afternoons in the park… A continuous sun exposure during these sunny months may turn into an unpleasant issue if we do not put into practice the necessary measures. This concern may acquire more serious nuances when referring to children.

With the passing of time, we have become more conscious about being well protected from the sun. We have got used to use sun protection creams, but our unresolved business is children’s visual protection.

gafas sol niña fucsia

NANOVISTA eyewear (Optical H)

When referring to the negative effects of solar radiation, children’s eyes are more vulnerable than adults’. According to the General Board of Optician-Optometrists, children’s crystalline lenses are not developed at all. In fact, in their first year of life, their crystalline lenses allow the 90% of UVA radiation and the 50% of UVB radiation get through.

That is why the appareance of pathologies such as cataracts, pterygium and MDAA (macular degeneration age associated) are directly associated to the sun exposure received during the first years of life. This kind of anomalies are mostly the result of parents’ ignorance about the dangerous consequences of sun exposure on our children’s eyes.

Apart from the basic measures (wearing caps or avoiding long sun exposures), it is fundamental our children use authorised sunglasses with the European consent initials (CE). Thus, acquiring sunglasses in a regulated optician’s shop guarantees the fulfillment of safety and quality parameters in the lenses.


In Optical H, we invest all our efforts in assuring your own visual health and your family’s. Moreover, we have got a wide catalogue of top brands sunglasses intended for boys and girls with the highest quality. Since our beginnings, in 2007, Optical H has always been engaged with the prevention and the improvement of your visual health and your family’s.

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