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the Tangle Teaser

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90

Hi everyone, So today I’m going to review the tangle teaser hair brush, i brought this at boots on a little shopping trip and i will show it in a video here
the tangle teaser
I brought the pink one because that’s the only one they had in stock but i know you can buy it in different colours as well, i brought the original, but now they make it in lots of different sizes and varieties. Now ages ago i did a review on the Denman tangle teaser, which was my new hair brush, and it was very loved but unfortunately too loved, and all the bristles were bent and lots of hair in it and i thought it was time to try a new one.
the tangle teaser I think the Denman one was copying the tangle teaser but I’m not sure, so i thought i would give this one a go. It is the size of your palm to make it easier to hold, you clasp your hands around the whole brush, and it doesn’t have a handle which I find abit odd.
The bristles are really flexible, and they are in different sizes, i imagine to be able to get every knot out of your hair, the very first time i used it i was amazed at how much shine it give my hair, which is weird because you don’t expect it just from a plastic hair brush.  It makes my hair incredibly soft and very shiny. When i use it on my wet hair it gets out knots really quickly because i do get a lot of knots when i wash my hair. You can use it wet or dry. It’s odd not having a handle, and feels like it will just fall out your hands when you go to brush your hair down, but it doesn’t.
Its a really good brush and im glad i brought it, my hair is very thankful too.
See you soon xxx

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