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The Surefire Way To Make Yourself Look Like Jabba The Hutt

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice
The Surefire Way To Make Yourself Look Like Jabba The Hutt

Jabba giving Ryan Reynolds a run for his money with his gangsta lean. - Copyright Lucas Films

How fitting since we covered gangsters yesterday that we turn our attention to the oh so handsome gangster of Star Wars geekdom: Jabba The Hutt.

No, Ladies, you can’t have his phone number.  I’m sorry but Grandmaster Sexy himself is no more.  He died in the Episode VI.  Yes, I know.  Blast you, George Lucas!

There is one thing we can learn from Biggie J though.  His skin.

I think of Jabba’s scaley skin, I think of the results of hot showers.  Hot showers will make your skin sag faster than the dimples of Jabba.

From the blog Secrets of Longevity:

. . .First I would like to outline the unsavory effects that hot showers have on your body and mind. Upon waking from a full nights sleep the majority of your blood has flowed into the deeper parts of your body such as the internal organs to help them regenerate. To be active, alert and productive during the day you need a good portion of this blood to flow back into the peripheral extremities of your body. Tea or coffee in the mornings provides this for some people but it has negative consequences after long term use of the caffeine (most notably adrenal fatigue from the constant damaging stimulation).

When hot water hits your skin your body has the feeling of still being wrapped in the warm blanket it had around it when it was in bed just moments ago. The blood stays in the deeper parts of your body giving you a tired and lethargic feeling. You may notice that even after a 15 minute hot shower, when you step out, parts of your body are still cold, even during the summer months! If you have really hot showers you may even find you have created or enhanced a feeling of drowsiness!

Did you know there is someone who has the secret to youthful skin?  Someone who has a license to kill?  Someone with the starting number Double O?

That’s right. . .James Bond.

Now before you smack me around and ask me if I have been smoking the ganja (which I haven’t), read the article below and feel free to leave a comment below.

Hey, even secret agents have beauty tips. . .

The James Bond Shower: A Shot of Cold Water for Health and Vitality 

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