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The Sunday Rumble: 12.1.14

By Davidduff

Sorry, sorry, sorry:  Yes, indeed, apologies for failing to show yesterday but, alas, Saturday escalated, shall we say! 

But I bring you glad tidings:At last, a TV thriller series of great promise - Hostages on Channel 4, Saturday night at 9.00pm.  Total tosh, of course, as most good thrillers are, but with a brilliant opening set-up and already some startling twists.  Please, oh god of TV, let it not dissolve into nonsense like Homeland did!

Now you see it, now you don't:Andra kindly sent me a YouTube of an amazing Aussie 'card sharp' which you can watch here:


Even attempting to guess how he does it causes my mind to slam shut in much the same way as it does when I try to work out Einstein's relativity theory.  But for sheer incomprehensibility (crikey - what a word!) the European policies of our two main parties (I exclude the 'Cleggerons' and UKIP) take some beating.  Does 'Dim Dave' really believe that he can negotiate a 'better' deal with Europe whilst remaining inside it?  If, and it's a whopping great 'if', the Tories win a clear majority  in Parliament next year, 'the colleagues' might throw him a scrap or two which might just convince enough dummies to vote 'In' at the promised referendum but there-after they will spend the next few decades slowly but steadily winding us further in like a spider dealing with a dead fly in its web.

Gov. Christie falls off a bridge: Various commentators, some of whom I admire, were extolling the virtues of Gov. Christie as a possible presidential candidate, well, they were up until he 'fell off' the George Washington Bridge last week.  For those unfamilar with the arcana of American politics, one of Christie's staffers 'suggested' - the strength of the 'suggestion' is yet to be defined - to the boss of the bridge authority that a major traffic jam would be an excellent way of punishing the mayor of the town the other side of the river who had failed to support Gov. Christie in some matter or other.  It was roughly the equivalent of one of  Dave's SpAds hinting to the Motorway Authority that it might be a good idea to 'repair' the M1 and the M5 in order to teach that Labour-lot 'oooop north' a lesson.  Anyway, a total traffic clusterfuck ensued and just as anyone with more than three brain cells might have guessed, the details leaked.  To his credit, Christie, having been handed a shit sandwich, manfully did his best to eat it in public at a news conference lasting over an hour. In that, he did better than the 'Mr. Bean' currently occupying the White House who dodges everything.  In my opinion, this is just another example of the children running the asylum.  On both sides of the Atlantic, senior politicians put their trust in sundry 'youfs' and 'youfettes' who couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.  However, with not too much detailed knowledge of Gov. Christie I can't say I'm sorry to see him wounded, there are better candidates for the GOP to choose than him.


 More rumbles later . . .


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