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The Subutex Saga Continues, Again…

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk
The Subutex Saga Continues, Again…

A Psychiatrist Who Treats Everyone as Dogs? Read On...

Hello All


Ok, after having gone to the clinic in Tel Aviv for nearly a month this was my experience.

The doctor that’s runs the center, or at least the administration is (and this is a diagnosis upheld by even the pharmacists at my official healthcare clinic’s pharmacy, amongst at least 4 other people that have had either direct or telephone contact with her) a complete and utter blathering bitch, who has no respect period for other people, no matter who they are.

I would diagnose her, if I were a doctor which I am NOT, as having ADD for certain, a light case of bipolar disorder, and without a doubt, I would diagnose her as being a full blown megalomaniac.

Now, slightly in her defense, If It was my job to deal with mostly heroin junkies (as my full time job), I might have a similar attitude.

Still, as an individual, who one would presume to be a reasonably intelligent person, she is a doctor (of something anyway) after all, cannot even differentiate between who she is speaking to.

She has come to the point where she treats EVERYONE as though they are trash, not only her patients.

When I had my pharmacist, from my official healthcare pharmacy call her, to clear up a misunderstanding, she said, and I quote (based upon the testimony of the pharmacist that is), “She is very arrogant, I told her who I was, and she said ‘I have no time for you, call later’”.

In my humble opinion the psychiatrist has herself lost all touch with reality, and should discuss this break with her psychologist.  You know what they say, lol, which is funny but also true: Every psychiatrist has a psychologist of their own, I would also bet a considerable amount that she also has her own psychiatrist, or should, because if she is not on meds, and still in the dose adjustment phase (as an excuse) she REALLY, REALLY needs some help.

Ok, so what has become the result of apparently everyone’s opinion that no doctor should treat another person the way she does, and that everyone should stay as far away from her as humanly possible?

I’ll be happy to tell you.

I did a tremendous amount of research, seriously, A LOT or research, and found that a private psychologist, having filled out a special form and the proper prescriptions, can provide me with the same medication Be”H, and treatment, for roughly the same price as the clinic charged per month.

And, by the way, the medication is literally a fraction of the price that the “clinic’s” pharmacy, which distributes Subutex only to people with the clinic’s prescriptions, is about a third of the price.

So I have met with the new actual doctor, who by the way is a simply lovely older man, and, who while he is private, also works with a center that treats opiate addiction, and being far older, and therefore presumably far wiser than the bitch, has filled out all of the paper work, which has already been delivered to a small local pharmacy near my house, and oh yeah, NOT all the way in Tel Aviv.

So, please G-d, all will work out as we expect, and it is time to move on.

The point of this article, is to present information to opiate addicts of all kinds, for what ever reason that they are addicted, that there are alternatives to dealing with that bitch, sorry “doctor”


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