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'The Streetwise Professor' Gives a Lesson in Clear Thinking

By Davidduff

The news that the 'Argies' were renting some out-of-date fighter-bombers from Russia broke a few weeks ago - to universal yawns.  The plane in question is a dodgy Russian copy of an old American model which they retired twenty years ago.  When I heard the news I suggested, only half jokingly, that I doubted that the Argies had the dosh to fill the tanks!  The 'Prof' tells us that the 'Argies' are paying the Russians in, er, food!  To be precise, beef and wheat, well, they had to because they don't have a peso to piss in a pot!

The witty 'Professor' reckons:

They should just exchange their currencies. That way, each can obtain more varied wallpaper.


[Russia] is a fully paid member of the Drowning Men’s Club, whose desperate members grab onto one another for dear life as they go under once, twice, and yet again. Look at its economic and political allies, such as they are. Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Syria. Decrepit losers, every one. Hell, even Belarus is looking for ways to escape the embrace of a drowning Russia.

Shrewd observer, the 'Prof', well worth bookmarking:


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