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The Secret to Getting a Raise Or Promotion

By Classycareergirl @classycareer
If you want a raise or promotion in the future, there is one thing that you absolutely MUST be doing.  Keep track of all of your accomplishments at your job on a weekly basis. This is often something that gets really hard to do because you are busy and you think you will remember everything.  But, trust me you won't.  Not only will you not remember, most likely your boss won't remember your noteworthy accomplishments either.At my job, we have to do an annual self assessment where we write five pages about EVERYTHING that we have done over the past year.  How fun is this to do when you haven't been keep track of anything over the year?  Very painful....So here is what you need to start today if you want to get rewarded for all of the great things you are doing: Schedule 10 minutes in your calendar every Friday to write down everything you did during the week. Ask for status checks from your co-workers, customers or clients monthly about how you are doing.  If they tell you something positive, write it down.  Better yet, have them send you an email and keep it in your files.  Review your job description and career development plan every month and write down how you are meeting each area.  Don't forget to write down every training, seminar or course that you took over the year.  Even if you attended a lunch or speaking event outside of work, write it down.  You want to be able to show your boss that you are improving by the minute!  Write down all of the improvements you are making around you and the problems you are solving.  When it comes time to present your findings to your boss, he or she will be impressed by how you have documented everything and he will surely take notice of your VALUE to the organization!

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