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The Rottweiler Dog Breed Are Excellent and Loyal Protectors

By Dogbreeds

When referring to big dogs we can talk about canines like the rottweiler. This big size breed can even overcome the 99 pounds (45 kg) and its height is an average of 26 inches (68 cm). Its fur characterizes for being black. It also contains red marks that are very well delimited in their snout, throat, tail, chest, and extremities.

In cities were delinquency and violence, it is expected that people opt for this type of canines, due to the reason they are excellent defenders. They distinguish themselves not only for their big size, but for their protective capabilities towards their owners.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Picture

Photo via: outfitnm.com

An important characteristic about the large dog breeds like the rottweiler is how easy they can be trained. It is important to mention that some dogs require more assistance than others to be educated, but the patience while training is vital no matter the type of breed we are speaking about.

The rottweiler is a very smart and obedient dog with the ability to be learn to do different tasks. Its nature is extremely related with its protection instinct. This German originated breed is worthy of trust and safety. However, this type of large dog breeds is different than others that tend to be friendly with any outsider, and like other canines that quickly accept any person as a friend. On the contrary, for a rottweiler a newcomer is any other person which is not his proprietor. This is the reason why they are often used to guard properties, houses or a whole family.

You need to be cautious when you opt for this type of mascots, specially in cases were small children live in. As we know, dogs use to play and usually give non intentional bites. It is good to pay attention to the point that one bite from a dog from this size could be dangerous, and even more for kids. In case of looking for a canine of this breed it would be good to ask the following question to ourselves: Am I prepared to give my time to train it and give the special care the dog deserves? Do I have the adequate space for the canine to be around? Am I aware that because of his large size , they can cause injuries to young children even when its not their intention?

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