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In the Past the Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Were Used as Bodyguards

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Do you imagine yourself having as a pet such a big dog as the Neapolitan mastiff? As it is expected, this particular dog-breed has a high maintenance cost because this animals east in big quantities. In addition, this kind of large dog breeds require other special care. This canine may reach a weight of 154 pounds, while its height ranges from 19 to 27 inches. Most of the times, their hair color is grey, black, or a variation from this tones.

Descendant of the Tibetan mastiff the Neapolitan mastiff dog is a native of the Neapolitan coasts. This canine has a warlike history provided that it was used by the romans in fights, and as a cargo transportation animal. They were also used as bodyguards dogs for a long time. However, despite its background we can say that it’s not an aggressive pet, and it’s very obedient to its owner.

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Picture

Talking about its behavior, it is possible to describe it as a peaceful, friendly and smart dog, but above all a strong instinct of protection and obedience because they only decide to attack in case they are attacked or if they receive an order to do so.

These canines have a very special way to walk which is slow and heavy. It is crucial to maintain its skin folds clean. To avoid possible infections, it is recommended to give them frequent baths. Some of the health troubles the Neapolitan mastiff dog can suffer include arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, and stomach torsion.

picture from:Mascotasymascotas. com

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