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The Dogo Argentino Dog Surprising with His Power and Dominance

By Dogbreeds

The dogo argentino was formerly used in fights due to its highly dominant character. It was always mentioned that this canine rarely admits feeling pain, and that even when fighting this dog can combat until dying if that is necessary.

From the very beginning, the creator of this breed, Antonio Nores, had the intentions to create a new type of canine that would be special to hunt pumas. In addition, he wanted it to be medium size that could go through the mountains with ease and freedom. Regarding the color of the animal, he wanted it to be white so that it would be simpler to find it in the mountain zones of Argentina. It was then after he mixed different dog-breeds like boxers, pointers, german shepherds, mastins, bull terriers, burdeos-dogs and wolfhounds that he achieved the creation of the perfect standard of the dogo argentino dog with impressive power. A so powerful animal that its only presence establishes respect.

Dogo Argentino Dog Picture
Making reference to its physical characteristics, it can be said that this muscled canine that is part of the big dog breeds can get a weight of approximately 94 pounds (43 kilograms) and can be near the 25 inches (65 centimeters) tall. Its hair is fully white and its average of life is 12 years old.

Speaking about the personality of the dogo argentino, we can say its a faithful canine, smart and dominant when relating with other dogs. This animal barks a little and it is tolerant with children, although this mascot is recommended for kids above twelve years old.

Regarding its care, it is suggested to have this breed outdoors were it can play and run sufficiently. It is important to train the dogo since its youth in order to help the animal to make its power and energy to flow in the correct direction. Also, it is crucial to make this dog-breed to socialize with people and other dogs with the aim of not promoting its aggressiveness. It is susceptible to deafness and hip dysplasia due to its big size. Despite of being a canine with an impulsive look, the argentine dogo is an ideal companion because it is very loyal. With this being said, having it as a home mascot can give us an enormous satisfaction.

Image from:pedigreedatabase.com

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