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The Pomeranian Dog Breed is Loyal and Defender of His Owner

By Dogbreeds

Attributes like brave, smart, loyal and guardian could describe a pomeranian dog breed perfectly well. Its origin comes from the white Spitz that lived since the 1700 in Pomerania, at the north of Germany.

This canine is also known as the “pom dog”, miniature german spitz and “Lulu de Pomerania” between other names. Its a perfect breed for people who are short of space, but would enjoy having a mascot that is loyal, cheerful, astute and playful. This dog that belongs to the small dog breeds is able to develop a better relation with older people than children. Despite of its size, it’s a protective breed that is always awake and will for sure bark when it hears a rare sound or simply a noise that is not nice. You can also find some other canines with similar characteristics in the all small dog breeds special page list. It is important to understand that they do not measure the risk, taking into account that they are capable of fighting with any other dog, even the biggest ones. Because of this, we need to keep them away of this kind of problems that could injure them.

Pomeranian Dog Breed Picture
Some of the nicest things about this dog-breed, is that they are really sweet animals, loyal and lovely that likes to receive attention, and it generally created a strong relationship with one of the family members were it lives.

By describing its look, we can say its kind of a small sized canine with small-pointed ears, a hairy tail, medium dark eyes , and an elegant dense fur that is often light and dark brown. Its weight ranges from 3.9 to 5.5 lbs (1.8 to 2.5 kgs) and its height can reach from 8.6 to 11 inches (22 to 28 cm).

Between the principal care to consider for this type of dog are its hair that needs to be brushed daily, but before this it needs to be moistened. In addition to this, frequent hair cuts are needed.

If you are looking for a mascot and you liked what you read about this breed, surely you will not regret. Remember that this particular canine can live inside the house provided that it doesn’t require to much exercise like other breeds. Additionally, its feeding its not expensive due to the fact that they do not eat that much. However, it is crucial to take care about the pomeranian dog hair and its medical controls to avoid health problems. There is no doubt that this amazing dogs will be a perfect companion in your home.

Image via:dogbreedtrainings.com

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