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The Friendly Jack Russell Terrier Dogs Are Incredibly Agile

By Dogbreeds

With its origin in England, the jack russell dogs are between the most active, restless and searcher canines from all times. Regarding its looking we can describe it as a dog in which the white color prevails with the addition of brown and black spots. The breed of the jack russell terrier dogs has an approximate height of 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm). Its weight rounds from 11 to 15 lbs (5 to 7 kgs). Its gestation time is of 2 months, and its breeding capacity is 4 to 6 babies.

Despite of being a small-breed dog, it is suggested that they can live in the garden or big patios, because they are dogs full of energy and vitality that require big areas to exercise. Although they have this type of behavior, the russell terrier dog relates with the toy dog breeds and pets for children, due to their playful and lively behavior. This canines require a consistent training in order to develop and stimulate their intelligence. The owner of this pet needs to be a person that is definitely not sedentary, and have the necessary time to train it so as to improve its tracking, jumping and hunting abilities. Its important to mention that this type of dog-breed has the powerful capability of going after rodents and hunt them. A special talent and really difficult to resemble that the jack russell terrier dogs has, is their great acting skills thanks to their charisma.

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs Picture

The jack russell dogs are extremely elastic and agile in their movements, and because of this they are excellent partners to go running. They tend to be very healthy animals, but as they are descendants of the fox terrier, they can suffer problems in their musculus-skeletal system and crystalline dislocation in their eyes. There are ways to avoid the risk of this diseases, such as having great care and making cross breeding only between dog-breeds that have a well known and certified genealogical history.

photo from:jackbeauty .com

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