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The Potemkin Games

By Davidduff


This says it all:


2014 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony


Ooops!  So that's one electrician who'll be off for, er, 're-education'.  Well, 'Vlad the Impaler' twitched ever so slightly when he saw the error so that means trouble for someone.  Still, in the very finest traditions of Mother Russia, the truth was quickly hidden from the poor suckers Russian people when the TV director rapidly switched to a recording of the rehearsal opening.  However, some eyebrows, well, American eyebrows to be exact, were raised when a former Russian skating champion was given the central act of lighting the Olympic flame.  This, er, lady is also famous (infamous?) for producing this doctored picture on her Twitter or Facebook or whatever.


This tweet had Irina Rodnina in hot water.


She is now a practicing politician, by which I mean that she is practicing hard to say "Yes, Mr. President" loudly, clearly and several times over.  Well, obviously Vlad approves of that, shows unity and all that sort of thing!  However, what he does not approve of is the lights going out over Sochi, so feel a twinge of synpathy for that poor little electrician!  Also, perhaps, as those smug, crooked politicians, thugs and murderers watch those thick-as-planks athletes wasting their and everyone else's time sliding about on snow that had to be trucked in, spare a thought for a nearby resident I read about but, alas, forgot to bookmark, whose family house, which he had built himself over several years, was bull-dozered flat to make way for these 'games' and he and his family cast out without a rouble of compensation.

Please, oh please, dear Lord, take some of this rain away from Somerset and send it over to Sochi and let it wash away all the snow - it would make an old man very, very happy!


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