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The Old Towne House Cafe and Lounge - Chicken Fried Steak...

By Myfilmproject09

The old Towne House Cafe and Lounge - chicken fried steak. I passed on the 32 0z Town House Sirloin special. I don't think I can eat two pounds of beef at one sitting. The Chicken Fried Chicken, a standard of road travel, comes the way it should, breaded chopped beef, comes the way it should be, au jus as opposed ( chicken gravy), American fries, sides of vegetables, salad bar (not too big). No de-caf  coffee, cowboys don't drink decaf.

Outside, dusty, dirty main street, trucks and cars "dragging the gut". Somewhere here, is the Corn Palace, haven't s seen the the Corn Palace, haven't seen it yet... 2 great - looking blondes pass by the by the street. I'd marry - or both Tuesday cowboy night, a 60 Chev passes by, looking as old and more but we get. Inside there's a hall - called the Majestic Hall, inside - they're having fun. The waitress told me about a store open at night - Shopco, just up the street, so we're, just up the street, so we're going there. Pass by the Corn Palace, there radio station is KORN, get it? The Palace is closed and dark. Sure enough there's a corn enough, here the sound of cornhusks in the wind, mixed with the sounds of teens doing the ritual.

A whole carlead of girls pass beside, dragging the gut, give me the once over, checks the plates, can't see the fortyish balding guy inside dark. But they like the car. The car feels good at the attention. A whole carload of girls pass me, dragging the gut, give me the once-over. Again I feel the dust of the town, I guess that hasn't changed since the cowboy days of the 1880,s. Feel good, full, saw the corn palace, teenagers still being teenagers still being teenagers, life is good.

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