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The New York Times Starts 2020 with a Feature on Keto

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

The New York Times starts 2020 with a feature on keto

Hot on the heels of The New York Time's story about its new program to ditch sugar, the influential paper has released a long feature about the pros and cons of the keto diet.

As a welcome change from some recent negative mainstream coverage, it's actually a generally balanced article and generally supportive of keto eating!

The New York Times: What is the keto diet and does it work?

The 2,500-word article quotes both well-known keto supporters, such as Dr. William Yancy, as well as a few keto skeptics. It fairly summarizes some of the evidence to date, but does raise, unnecessarily, the long-standing fears of saturated fat, cholesterol, and red meat.

The overall impact is to paint a generally positive portrait of keto as an individualized therapy for obesity, diabetes, epilepsy and other conditions. Newcomers might be spurred to check the diet out further.

Too bad, however, The New York Times, turned off all comments, a rare move for them. Otherwise our supporters could recommend Diet Doctor, for any who are interested, as the top site to get accurate, trustworthy and evidence-based information on keto eating!

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