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The Month Of May Baskets | DIY

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Since May is kind-of, sort-of creeping up on us, I felt like there is no better way to celebrate spring, then to come up with a fun and colorful, yet enjoyable do-it-yourself project.

Although Easter is, already over, not too long ago, I sneaked up on this fun little DIY where you can actually make your own “May Day Baskets“.

Either way, these can not only be used for an Easter occasion, but they can also be used for a special occasion, a fun gathering, or just to simply lay around the house as a festive decoration.



Materials Checklist:

A box, such as one used for oatmeal, salt, or tissues (you can also use paper cups or, as seen here, an empty ice-cream pint)
Crepe paper in desired colors
Glue or stapler
Pipe cleaners
Silk flowers


Step 1

Cut the box to your desired basket size. Save a rectangular strip from the box to use as a handle after you’ve decorated the basket.

Step 2

Fan-fold a piece of crepe paper to make the fringe on your box. Make more folds for thicker fringe.

Step 3

Cut between the edges of the folded crepe paper. For finer fringe, make smaller cuts.

Step 4

To decorate the box, start at the top and work your way down using glue or staples. You can alternate the colors by row or fold two colors together. Decorate the handle and the outside of the basket with flowers made from extra crepe paper or with store-bought silk flowers.

Step 5

Use pipe cleaners or a cut-out strip from your box to make handles for the basket. Glue or staple the handle from one side of the basket to the other. Fill the basket with flowers, candy, and small trinkets.

The Month Of May Baskets | DIY

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