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The Month in Pyjamas - January

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

The month in Pyjamas - January

Sex god loves his jammies

Ladies, fear not, never again needyou worry about what you look like in your pyjamas, or whether it is sexy towear your favorite jammies to bed. Johnny Depp has revealed that he loves nothing more than getting cosy inhis beloved cotton pajamas when he is struggling to get some shut eye. The 47 year old heart throb, who is stillmaking us girlies swoon at his feet revealed that his bouts of insomnia were curedby happy accident when he was given some oversized PJ’s. Move over Vanessa, we will happily don ourbest pair and snuggle with you any day Johnny!

Money raising idea?

An Australian group who raise moneyfor Cancer Care came up with a novel way of getting some funds recently whenthey held a ‘come in your pajamas night’ for charity at a local pub. We think this is a really excellent idea andsalute them for their ingenuity, what better way to enjoy an evening in the pubthan in your best pajamas and loungewear. Important cash is raised for that ever so important cause, and when thenight is over you can pop home and get straight under your duvet to catch thoseall important zzzz’s! Why not host oneat a pub near you?

Be my valentine...

A new survey has revealed that theart of romance might actually be dead! Apparently many of us struggle when it comes to packing for a weekendaway, and although we would love to claim we all sling in the seductive andsexy undies, the reality is that we are much more tempted to pop in ourfavourite pyjamas, a good book and our can’t live without teabags! Oh dear! It seems that a precious weekend away from the chaos of day to day lifeleaves us wanting to charge our batteries rather than seducing our lover -thankfully we have an excellent range of sexy nightshirts and seductive pyjamasthat are also just as comfortable for crashing out it - should you feel theneed!

Bag your bargains

Just before we go, there is just timeto remind you that January is one of the best months in the year for bagging a bargain...havea look at our offers and grab some gorgeous sleepwear!


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