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The Marathon in Words: Dean Karnazes Nails It

By Xmarkm @matthews_mark

If running a marathon could be accurately described in words, it would be something less
than what it is, but this recent article by Dean Karnazes really comes close for me. Here are some highlights. The opening line: 
"The Marathon is not about running, it is about salvation."
The reason I try to avoid saying "Good Luck" to those about to run a marathon: 
"There is no luck involved in finishing the Marathon, the ingredients required to tackle this formidable challenge are straightforward: commitment, sacrifice, grit, and raw determination."
And a great explanation of how Marathoning is a harrowing experience and squeezes your insides out:
"The Marathon rattles you to the core. It deconstructs your very essence, stripping away all your protective barriers and exposing your inner soul. When you are at your most vulnerable, the Marathon shows no pity. The Marathon tells you that it will hurt you, that it will leave you demoralized and defeated, crushed in a lifeless heap alongside the roadside."
But the most hard-fought battles bring out our biggest strengths:
"You fight back, however, and stand courageously at that starting line, nervously awaiting that gun to go off. When it does, you put your head down and charge into the abyss, knowing honestly in your heart of hearts that you either paid your dues or that you skimped along the way. There is no lying to yourself here, the Marathon sees right through excuses, shortcuts, and self-transgressions."

The Dean

The Dean

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The Marathon, by Dean Karnazes

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