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the Magical Dope

By Beersting @beersting

Eyes on fire with the passionate love,

engineer’s conquer on the lovely dove.

The professors complain about the GPA drop,

but he only wants the magical dope.


The dope promises to take me high

I need no wing to have a fly.

Every puff makes me a pound light,

I’ll rise out of ash like a phoenix in night.


The dope is of many kinds,

but it’s hard to have every find.

The warden tells me to go out no more,

to cross the hostel wall is hard to mighty Thor.


But my love goes much above the law’s height,

I’m ready to do all my might.

Sneak through the guards to the terrace in night,

having the thrilled puff is my right.


I don’t break the rule, cuz I bend them all right.

If you truly love someone, take up the fight.

No one fails the game of love,

cuz everything is worth the lovely dove.

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