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the Little Black List

By Beersting @beersting

“what would you buy if you had unlimited money for a day?”, asked Surabhi.
“I’ll buy a new girlfriend for starters.”, winked Sushant.
“How imaginative of you”, said Surabhi, “and anyways she will not be your girlfriend, she will be a mere escort and I’m making it sound decent. Which it’s not.”
“I was just kidding around, take a chill pill.”
“Ah! Cliche”,spilled Surabhi “But on a serious note, what would your wishes be like?”
“Okay ma’am, on a ‘serious note’ my wishes would be like…hmm..”said Sushant while pretending to think. “okay, I’ll make a little black list of my wishes. I’m already feeling like a teenage girl high on hormones.”

The little Black list:
1. Black Nokia Lumia 1080
Reason : Because apple is overrated. I prefer my windows phone environment. And it’s camera can beat iPhone’s camera hand down. And as for why black, I can’t handle any other color.

2. Playstation 4
Reason: Because sometimes there are live FIFA matches and for others you’ve to manage with your own FIFA game. Don’t ask me why black, because it only comes in black. At least everyone I’ve seen was in black. So black PS4 so that I can beat Surabhi in the Game.

3. Black Music System
Reason : A good gaming console and a big LED tv is all good and well,but without a good music system it’s like you’re playing the game alone. You need to feel the crowd cheering for you to give your cent percent, ah! I’m talking like a real player.
And you also need a good music system during that time of the month. Yeah you guessed it right, while having Saturday night party and everyone is boozed out and all they want is to dance on Daler Mehndi’s “tunak-tunak-tun”. That’s embarrassing, but the truth. *sighs*

4. A black Suit
Reason: Really? You don’t need a reason for the black suit, you just need the right confidence. It’s one of those time when I introduces myself as Poddar, Sushant Poddar. And all the ladies in the room through themselves on me. *citation needed for the last part*

5. A black dress
Reason: James Bond is nothing without his bond girls, and I’m nothing without you. I’ll buy you a black dress and you’ll be my seductress. I love you my Poddar girl. I know you hate it, but it sounds weirdly cool.

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