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Cashkaro Made the B’day Gift Possible

By Beersting @beersting

“Dude its Amlan’s birthday this weekend, what are we gifting him?” I said with quite an enthusiasm.

“I’m broke.” was Yash’s reply.

“We all are, aren’t we? But still we’ve to gift him or otherwise he will not gift us back.” I said with a smirk.

“Okay I can spare a maximum of 200 bucks.” said Yash in his sleepy voice.

“me too, but I got my eye on this really cool Guns n’ Roses tee on worth 500 bucks,” I knew Amlan would love that, “Can’t you contribute anymore?”

“I told you already, why don’t you Google those coupon sites, if we’ll be in luck we might land some deal.” He was already irritated as I was not letting him sleep.

“But they rarely have something worthwhile.”

“It won’t kill you to checkout, for once you’re on the net 24×7 anyways, and for God sake let me sleep.”

“I’ll try.”


*after few site hopping I finally landed to Cashkaro, I needed cash and I was ready to make some cash by spending.*


“Oye! I found this site which gives you 180 bucks on shopping for more than 400 bucks on myntra. That will solve our problem.”

“They are giving money just like that? No hidden terms & condition?” asked Yash with a doubt.

“Yeah just for shopping through their site. Cool no?”

“Are sure about this site? Sounds hocus to me. Who gives money just for redirecting you to another site?”

“Nah, they have really big fan base on Facebook and twitter which must count for something. And what better option do you have?”

“I give you my 200 and everything’s on you.”

“I’ll be happy with that.”

The next night, I don’t know why but I love online shopping at night, I was all ready to buy the Guns n’ Roses tee, a perfect gift for a rock fan. I signed on the Cashkaro website which was super easy with their user-friendly interface. They confirmed my account via email and I was ready to use my card. The site offered discounts and coupons at more than 350 websites and 500 restaurants across India and that’s something which can impress anyone. As in my case I was pre decided about the site I just jumped to myntra. And I was really amazed to see that even on that single website they had about 7-8 active offers. I chose the best my pocket could offer, yeah I’m cheap. After a click on big tab which said “click to activate offer & visit site” I was redirected to a page congratulating me and informing me about the activation of my discount and then simply landed me on myntra’s homepage. I had my choice and budget; I just searched for the tee and bought it for 500 bucks hoping to get back 180. Only after few minutes of transaction I got the Cashkaro mail congratulating me on my buy and telling me that my account will be credited by Rs. 180 within 4 to 12 weeks. I got so excited by that I treated myself by buying another The Rolling Stone tee by the same process and got myself another Rs.180. Now I was waiting for the time to last as I believed I’ll only be getting my money back at the end. But Cashkaro didn’t fail to surprise me yet again; I got the money in just a month, 360 bucks for spending 1000 which I would’ve spent anyways. And it was not like credit or e-money that I could’ve used just for shopping from that website only, the site offered to credit the money to my bank account (with the minimum limit of Rs. 250.)Which was something? I applied for the same and got Rs. 360 on my bank account just within 2 days.
In the end of the day Cashkaro brought smile to Amlan’s face, if it was not for the offer we wouldn’t have gifted him that tee, Yash was happy that he just had to spend 200 bucks and mostly me because I got a tee, gifted another and all that just for Rs. 440 which was not enough to buy even one in the first place.


You can sign in at Cashkaro via this link.

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