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5 Things Black

By Beersting @beersting

Guts, backpack and 5 things black. That’s the recipe for making a perfect trip.

I always wanted to backpack across India, so for starters I wish for following things.

A black tee – Half of my cloth closet is filled with black tees and it’s not even my fault. All my favorite rock band’s tees come in black. Maybe cuz black absorbs everything much like their music which is the amalgam of every life sense. So yeah my first wish is to have one more black tee.

A black denim – Everyone knows that boys are lazy and I’m no exception to it. When we say denim we actually mean a powerful alien force which we can use for not just few days but months,without ever having to take care of it. And the color black just adds to its super characteristics, you can go for months wearing the same black denim. After all we all know that the real men don’t bath, they just dust off. So what real men need is a real black denim.

A high ankle shoe – when you’re out there on road or maybe trekking in a jungle or a mountain, the most vulnerable part of your body is your feet. You need something powerful to save it from debris, thorns, stones and little insects, such as a black high ankle shoe. Why black? Well everyone knows that black adds to the beauty of the shoe.

A black camera – We all love pictures, after all it helps us re live that happy time forever and ever.
So we can’t miss such an important thing on a trip, therefore a black camera is a must.

A black bottle – However ridiculous it may sound to wish for a bottle, a water bottle is a must for any trip, it’s the life captured in a bottle. So we need a nice black bottle to help  us hydrate on a trip.

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