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The Life Ed Van Leaves a Sour Note..

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
The Life Ed Van leaves a sour note..
I remember memories of Harold back in my Primary school days. Remembering every year I used to get so excited taking my note home to Mum to sign, taking it back the very next day to make sure I didn’t miss out (even if the van wasn’t coming for another month). He is the giraffe that brought so much happiness to all the kids at our school.
I loved Harold and just loved being able to be out of the classroom with what I thought at the time was an Uber cool miniature giraffe, only to find out in high school it was all a lie and Harold was nothing but a puppet.
The Life Ed Van leaves a sour note..

Learning quite a few things from Harold and the Life Ed van back in my P.S days there’s one that taught me a valuable lesson and it was the importance of the Food Pyramid.

Well wasn’t I in for a shock wake-up call yesterday when I went to the supermarket with Miss H who is 9 checking the labels on everything she picked up to put in the trolley.
The Life Ed Van leaves a sour note..
I asked her what she was doing and she responded with “Harold told us we had to do this to make sure what we were putting in our body is good”. 
The Life Ed Van leaves a sour note..

My world came closing in around me, first off who was this Harold jerk influencing what my daughter can and can’t eat.  

Second of all since when should a 9 year old be counting up the digits on the back of a container or packet?
Then I dug a little further, the plot thickened… my primary school hero was to blame for this? Surely not… But surely’s turned into definitely’s and HE WAS to blame! The Life Ed Van leaves a sour note..I get it, times change and this generation of kids weren’t brought up like us, or the ones before us. But this is taking it too far.. Isn’t this where eating disorders start and they become so self-conscious of themselves and want to live up to societies expectations of healthy and looking like the stereotypical thin structures? Nope, not my kids I am afraid.
Being a teen myself with an eating disorder- anorexia- thanks to modelling and that sinister world, I am very overprotective with my kids and their eating habits. I want them to eat as much as they like if it is the good stuff and not have to think twice about it.
We are all for healthy eating in this household but kids are only kids once and we’re always wishing we could go back in time and be little again without a worry in the world. Why are we constantly looking to add worry to our kid’s lives? I am all for letting them live, if they want a treat or sweet it is a sometimes thing and they know that. They don’t have to look at a packets contents and calories to be told that either. The Life Ed Van leaves a sour note..
I am sure you taught my daughter some valuable lesson’s that day and I know she had an overall amazing experience, but is it a little abnormal to have my 9 year old already checking labels, she has a whole lifetime of doing that when she’s older if she chooses.

Am I alone on this? Or should I be “getting with the times”? Or do ya’ll other Mum’s and Dad’s feel me?

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