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The Leo Lunar Eclipse on 31st January 2018 – Left to Your Own Devices…

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The Leo Lunar Eclipse on 31st January 2018 – Left to your own devices…

Whenever I look at the eclipses and full Moon, a story or a pattern starts to emerge and often it develops throughout the chart, and with the coming Lunar Eclipse on 31 st January 2018, there is no exception to the rule. This eclipse occurs at 11.37 degrees Leo, and if you think about it, the Lunar Eclipse is really a Full Moon, however this time the Earth gets in the way of the Sun and Moon in opposition casting a shadow over the Moon, therefore blacking it out. This is also what we would call a blue Moon as it is the second Full Moon in the month, plus it is a Super Moon too, looking considerably bigger than normal as the Moon's is closer to the earth that it often is.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse on 31st January 2018 – Left to your own devices…

Remember this event is effectively is a full Moon so let's cut to the chase. This Sun and Moon opposition highlights one's individual talents and emotions against those where we rely on the talents and abilities of others. There is the also the fact that this full Moon eclipse highlights what we do individually against what is done as a group or collectively. Leo is the king and Aquarius represents the collective, and here there is distance between them, the most distance you can ever get in the heavens.

Here's the thing that I get about the full Moon Eclipse. Look at the picture and the pattern that the planets form. The Leo Moon sits alone on this chart and she is being eclipsed. Now the Moon in Leo just loves being the centre of attention, but she hates it when she is put in the shade. Think of what this Leo Moon represents; is this the female, or the Leo leader? In your case is this the matriarch of the family, the mother, grandmother, the person at the heart of your family? Any of these powerful symbols represent this Moon, however she looks incredibly isolated, doesn't she? I am very big on symbolism and I look at the patterns and where the planets lie, because trust me it means something. This time I see a leader or someone we rely on rather isolated and cut off far away from the rest of the tribe. On a global scale, this could be May in the UK or Merkel in Germany, powerful female influences in the world, or maybe a Leo Ascendant individual, as in Trump in the US.

Now every Full Moon eclipse is not just an opposition, there are a collection of planets that link in and create the whole picture of the moment of the eclipse. So everybody, what do we have here? Well, the eclipsed Moon is conjunct to the North Node, so we have new information and events that are going to hit us that we are unaware of. This is new energy coming in to affect us emotionally - remember, any Lunar eclipse has an emotional effect on us. The Eclipsed Moon opposes Venus in Aquarius and therefore a relationship or our values are going to be pitted against us. Maybe a relationship with a group or a friend or friends? Or maybe fixed values or the values of the many, the group, the team or the party are causing us issues?

The other connection that directly affects this Full Moon Eclipse is an inconjunct to Neptune. This is difficult to cope with, as Neptune can represent the enemy hidden away who is undermining us, maybe deceiving us and forcing us to make a change, a sacrifice, a separation or to suffer. Are we going to run away from the difficulties that we face, or are we going to sit in solitude and disappointment. Might there be a health problem instead that we have to cope with? We can try and put a veneer over the situation to try and make it look better than it is, but covering things up only allows them to come out and hurt us even more later on. Neptune rarely if ever lets us off the hook.

There are no really close aspects going on here on this chart, but we still have the remnants of the 2012 Pluto Uranus square still active, and the winds of change even 6 years after the first connections are still being felt. Sometimes these major aspects hang around for some considerable time. Remember Uranus represents shocks and unpredictability and Pluto is inevitable change, power, control, big business, death and rebirth and these forces are still interacting. We also have a Uranus in Aries square to Mercury in the very last minute and last degree of Capricorn, indicating to me unique information that is going to come to light. I think Mercury just about to enter the sign of Aquarius representing freedom and independence and leaving the sign of administration, shows that a change of attitude is coming, maybe in the way we express ourselves. There is a rebellious side to this square, as if we want to free ourselves of restrictions and limitations, we have had absolutely enough of them, and we need something new. This could represent breakthroughs in technology, transport as well as the press and media too.

Jupiter is square to Venus and sextile to Pluto and here we have expansion in spending and in big business and also in our lives being a little relaxed and lazy in the manner that we deal with finances, and trying to assume power and control through thinking big. I think there is a lack of discipline here in these aspects, and there is a potential for us to let things go without worrying about the consequences. Maybe we will be less concerned about holding ourselves and others to the values we normally set for ourselves? This a very tolerant and may I suggest lazy connection, almost as if we know we need to work, but hey, we might as well enjoy ourselves just a little bit longer before we get back to the responsibilities we know we should be dealing with. Once we do get around to pulling ourselves away from our friends or from relaxing Mars sextile to Mercury gives us positive thoughts and an ability to make decisions. Mars in Sagittarius does not hold back and we can activate adventurous plans in the next few months on the back of this Lunar Eclipse, so long as we can motivate ourselves to do some hard graft.

Now at the top of this piece I mentioned isolation, and this is a big theme running though this moment in time. The reason is that Saturn on this chart is totally alone, unconnected to any other planet by aspect. Remember this is a very powerful and conservative Saturn in his own sign, sitting by himself and none of the planets want anything to do with him at this moment. This to my eyes along with the position of the Moon sitting in the opposite part of the chart far away from all of the other planets gives a key to what to expect in the next six months. You may feel very alone and isolated, and what you have to do following the lesson of what the planets are telling you is to follow your own path. You, the star of the show, the person everyone has relied upon, at this moment are being put in the shade, left to your own devices and it's going to hurt, but under Saturn in Capricorn we all have lots of responsibilities, so let's get on with them, even if everyone else doesn't want to help. This absolutely mirrors the opposition of the Lunar eclipse, the individual (Leo) opposed by the group (Aquarius). Just you watch, I'd bet that this scenario of the lonely man or woman being more and more cut off from the will of the majority is a theme that develops not only in your own lives but on a grander global scale in the months ahead...

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