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The Imaginary Vday Wishlist | If Price Or Place Were No Object

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Where we are can kind of suck sometimes when it comes to stuff at the frontier of modern beauty. While I'm glad more brands have joined the global ones already present in the market, the ranges are far from updated and nowhere near as complete, hello, Clarins doesn't even have their makeup here, we only have the skincare. Where is is this rambling headed? Towards an imaginary Vday of course goes on without any of these things but I thought I'd put this selection out there for you to see as an imaginary edit...what I'd like if price or place where no object.

The Imaginary Vday Wishlist | If Price or Place Were No Object

Top to Bottom: Paloma Picasso for Tiffany's Handwritten Love ring (Mom has her petite "X" earrings in yellow gold), Whistles Mini Verity backpack black leather, Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens, Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in "Amazing Grace", Clarins Instant Concealer, Return to Tiffany Rubedo heart earrings, Clarins Instant Light Lip comfort oil (seen here in the Original and ever elusively sold out Raspberry formula)

I was also thinking about Tiffany & Co. the 5th Avenue jewelry hotspot I wasn't able to hit while in NYC. I don't mean I wish there was one here, I wasn't able to go in the US. I didn't have any plans to purchase anything from there, the visit was supposed to be like a tour in honor of a memory. I wanted to have a peep inside and then have a foodtruck breakfast outside and take a selfie, there's always a next time. I know, it would have been such a touristy thing to do but here's why. It was the one place there which would supposedly remind me of my paternal grandmother the most. She would tell me stories of how she loved the place while we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's together. Lola said when she was there it was not always to buy, but she loved the staff, the service, and appreciating the precious beautifully feminine pieces they had there. She also sang Moon River along with me passionately, it was the only song I'd ever heard her sing like that...once in awhile she would also hum Claire de Lune or Nat King Cole songs. Her eyes used to light up like gems before at the mention of Tiffany's. I'll go through my other faves in quick random, no-order, this-is-my-blog style today, coz I'm just not in the mood to be like super structured right now, have work later and tomorrow and haven't eaten breakfast.

For style I'm sure like half the female planet is already making the Whistles Mini Verity backpack that Zoella "showed and told" online a major sellout, who won't like its simple, small but just rightly sized real leather design? I believe there's a silver version which might be an ASOS exclusive if I saw it right. Regarding the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L camera lens it's Canon's priciest 50mm with their widest opening, meaning it's awesome for close-up shots with beautifully boke'd backgrounds and great for low other words a beauty blogger's dream lens. As you can see in this sample photo:

The Imaginary Vday Wishlist | If Price or Place Were No ObjectBy the way, I like that Charlotte Tilbury lipstick not just because of the name, if you click on the CT link you will see the color "Amazing Grace" is just gorgeous, a more modern, more neutral coral with less of a yellow undertone. Sunday Riley does modern skincare and they do the science battle with botanical weapons of mass reconstruction. Juno is one of their more gentle facial oils which they say consists of extracts from Broccoli, Carrot, Chardonnay Grape, Black Cumin, Cranberry Seed and a berry seed blend of blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Yea, I'll take my face to-go please. On the Clarins stuff, if you haven't heard Guardian beauty guru Sali Hughes say "I can't rave about this concealer enough" about Clarins' Instant Concealer in that wonderful Brit accent of hers then you should on her SaliHughesBeauty channel,that was 'bout before Christmas last year. Then Caroline Hirons, skincare madame, flashed that new Lip comfort oil of theirs at her camera in her recent New Stuff video and the dim part of the world (like over here) without Clarins' newest releases semi went gaga.

Do you have an imaginary Vday wishlist? Or one probably that hangs around all year in the fluffy cloud above your head? Mention one or two things you wish for in the comments whether it's because you can't get it here or can't afford it at the moment. I can't make your wish come true but I do know that sharing wishes with other people is a happy sort of release.

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