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The Hidden Mutable Grand Cross of Spring 2012

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


A lot has been made of the grand earth trine that formed in the middle of March 2012. High in the sky you could see Jupiter and Venus in close conjunction and Mars moving retrograde was clearly visible in the night sky (and still is). The only planet not visible to the naked eye way little Pluto. That grand trine saw the world markets soar but also saw the horrors of the terrible bus crash which killed 28 children in Switzerland on their way back from a skiing trip. In the background however another formation has slowly been taking shape. This is a mutable grand cross based around the Nodal Axis. This formation is now in place and will stay in range into May. The effects of this cross have already been seen to dramatic effect and before it dissolves we may see yet more action from it.


Just on the basics of the cross we have the transiting Nodal Axis moving retrograde through Sagittarius and Gemini (the Nodes always move in a general retrograde motion) and square to them we have an opposition of Mars to Neptune and Chiron. On this chart just as there was a triple conjunction I have added the moon as well which will connect with all 4 corners of the cross in the next month or so while it is in action. Of course because Mars is slowing and moving retrograde until 15th April and the Nodes, Neptune and Chiron move slowly too, this cross will stay together for several weeks.

Action in relation to the nodal axis is rarely predictable, often we get events “out of the blue”. Here we have Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in stressful relationship so it would be safe to say that we may get violent, physical possibly war like action (Mars) that will cause sacrifice, wounding and suffering (Neptune & Chiron). On the other side of things we could see action of an immediate kind that provoke healing and universal love or maybe deception and a hiding of the truth. These incidents could be natural or industrial too, I could imagine sudden flash floods or maybe action on oil and gas. Indeed Saudi Arabia I understand is looking to increase oil production to curb the rapid price rises around the world.

Already most of these qualities have been seen in a couple of dramatic incidents that have already captured the world headlines. The first being the case of footballer Fabrice Muamba (he is an Aries ruled by Mars) who collapsed without warning with a cardiac arrest and was saved on the field of play by rapid medical action (Virgo/Pisces axis). In France the racial killings by a lone gunman (Mars) have caused wounding (Chiron) and suffering (Neptune) precipitating an outpouring of national mourning and grief.

I am sure that there will be more of these incidents to come around the world in the weeks ahead, each reflecting the nature of the hidden cross formed in the heavens. 

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