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The GOP's Brokered Convention Plans: Carson Threatens to Leave? Bingo!

Posted on the 12 December 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Benny! Benny! Benny! Threatening to leave the GOP, because a potential brokered convention? I believe that if the GOP is preparing for a brokered convention...your threat in removing yourself from the Republican Party, should at least give you a clue on what they really think about you and the Donald!
Threatening to leave the GOP? The writing is on the wall, Doc! At this stage of the game, their answer to both of you is:"Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out!!
Welcome to the game of Political Smoke Filled Rooms...and how real politics are brokered and decided! You! my friend, are an amateur...and no one really likes you or your weird sense of Life, anyway! Trying to show how smart you are, just shows how truly dumb you really are. Stick to Medicine, you can only hurt one patient at a time...not 350 Million!
When did Carson and Trump think they truly know more as politicians than those who've been schlepping the political rhetoric of Patriotism and Greatness in America for years? If Ben Carson and Donald Trump were not in the race? the Republicans wouldn't need to rig a brokered convention, in the first place!!
Ahhyup! the Grand Old Party has had enough of the Doctor and the Trumpster...their domination of the top spots in the reality ratings of the 2016 Clown Show, has detracted from the rest of the Mediocrity that calls themselves 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates. True Politicos Pros!...and 3 incredibly stupid amateurs!...count Carly as long as we're at it...and no one, absolutely no one! is even qualified to be a dog catcher!!
And it's not just my personal feelings about the 'other side of the Aisles'...way too many Republicans feel the same way I do!
My question to the RNC is; Why don't you have better qualified candidates? Why do you allow to portray yourself as a Clown Party?...with every batshit crazy newbie politico wannabee swerving over the act of Decorum into an act of Indecency...and the Republicans condone that!
The strongest component of the GOP has always been the Mainstream of the Party...they've failed once before going extreme right with Goldwater, and they will again. The GOP was crafted and molded in the image of your typical everyday Mainstream Fiscal Conservative, not the radical Right Wing. But eventually...they accepted Racists and Bigots of the likes of Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms. The complexion of the party has gone from relatively White to Lilly White...if not in actual membership?...then in its rhetoric and philosophy, morphing into 21st Century Fascism. Miss the good old days of was just dirty politics among political thieves.
When the Washington Post reported; "Republican officials and leading figures in the Party’s establishment are now preparing for the possibility of a Brokered Convention as Donald Trump continues sit atop the Polls and the Presidential Race." Bingo! The Shit finally hit the Fan! The RNC is getting a little perturbed with Dr. Ben and the matter what they do, they still have nobody worth a dime ready to lead the GOP to victory in 2016! Their only hopes is to pick up one of the remaining Clowns, don't look too embarrassing, pray a lot, and cut your loses and hope for 2020.
It wasn't the Democrats who decided to become vulgar and unprofessional...elected politicians, talking trash while berating everyone and their grandmother. The hateful rage and racist connotations don't come from the Left or the Christian's all coming from one direction, period! The Party that believes in Values, have no Values of their own...when a Political Campaign gets down to vulgarity, lies, and innuendos...they have nothing left.
Trump and Carson have been playing their games upon the Republican Party and the general that the RNC started playing 'their' game? they call Foul! Well, Is the RNC going to put some cojones and make them play their way or cave in again? Does it really matter? One Republican said; "This is the worst time ever in the history of the Grand Old Party".
Here's hoping for the good old days of Mittens Romney...not much of a candidate, but a lot more civil decorum out of him. But, ahhnope! it's going to be one of these jokers...or the Pick of the Clowns...we all know the ending!
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