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Trump/Russia...Foreign Intrigue on the 25th Floor

Posted on the 01 February 2018 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RFSchatten
"Tricks and Treachery are the practice of Fools, that don't have Brains enough to be Honest" ~~~ Benjamin Franklin
We're living in an age where Subliminal Speeches, Propaganda, and Platitudes draws uneducated ignorance like it never has before. These are dangerous times for an immature America! Robert Reich once said; "Trump uses Fear. Fear begets Anger. Anger generates Hate. Hate causes Violence. Violence produces more Fear. It's a vicious cycle that Despots have used since the beginning of recorded time to entrench their Power".
America is still too immature has never experienced what many around the world already have...Kleptocracy, Open Corruption, Legalization of Criminal Activities, Oppression, the Elimination of the Rules of Laws, the Cancellation of Elections, and shutting the Free Press.We are inching closer to those things that haven't affected us, yet! The question is; How do We, the People make sure it doesn't happen?    I've always wondered; Where was Donald Trump on the afternoon of the infamous Russian Meeting in Trump Tower?
Let's look at the Timeline of that afternoon: June 9th, 20161:02 p.m. : Donald Trump leaves the Four Seasons Restaurant, where he attended a "Trump Victory Fund" fundraising lunch. Trump returned to Trump Tower...just two blocks away...where he remained there for "the rest of the afternoon".  2:00 p.m. : Paul Manafort leaves the Four Seasons Restaurant.4:00 p.m. : Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, &  Jared Kushner…without their own lawyers present…meet with Russian Lawyer and her entourage of Russian Agents & Sympathizers at the Trump Tower's 25th Floor, in Trump Corp.'s  Conference Room…only a floor down from Trump's Personal Office in the 26th Floor!4:30 p.m. : Meeting said to End at this time.4:40 p.m. : Trump responds to a Hillary Clinton Tweet with a dig at her "Emails" for the very 1st time.
That evening he addressed a group by saying he had a lot of dirt on Hillary…but won't say what it is till the following Monday…at a rally.Monday arrived and left…and no Dirt! Didn't even mentioned it! (especially since he knew, he never had any real evidence).
What was Donald Trump doing on the "afternoon" of June 9th, 2016 at Trump Tower? Was he working "the rest of the afternoon" in his office on the 26th Floor?…just one floor up from the Conference Room where the Meeting was being held? Just coincidence?Or, was he in his Penthouse Apartment…" the rest of the afternoon"…totally ignorant of everything going on around him? Just coincidence, too?
Donald Trump is a Cowardly Psychopath who demands Total Loyalty and obedience from all his staff, Party supporters, and his followers. He's a Control freak who demands to be "in the loop", to know everything that's happening around him...anything and everything... that will affect his life at all times, whether personal & professional.There's no way on Earth!...whatsoever!...that Donald Trump doesn't know what's happening at all times in his own Building, in his own Corporation's Conference Room…only one floor down. No way he doesn't know what happened Inside his own Campaign Team during the Election Season! and most of what's happening inside the White House, now!
Yea!, he knew about it from the very beginning! being there "all afternoon"?…he may not have been physically present during the meeting, itself…but, he was there afterward. Most likely with JR...either talked to the Russians in his office, just a floor up…or way up in his Golden Penthouse where he can play out his King Shit shtick, trying to the impress the unimpressible!
He knew about the Meeting, and he knew about the consequences…so why is he freaking out 24/7?Trump is waging a vile filthy war against every minority on the face of this Earth. He Tweets 24/7 and totally melts down every day. He's got Mueller continually up his ass, He's having a great pissing contest with North Koreans, Women filing sexual misconduct lawsuits against him, a GOP in the middle of fragile marital counseling…trying to remain one Grand Old Party. DACA, the Wall, the Government Shutdowns, Tax Cuts for Billionaires, The Iranian Issues, the Palestinians & Jerusalem, the Chinese, Russia looking more every day as the true residents of the White House, and now "Fire & Fury"...raising the fire and fury of LeGrande Orange! to the point of asking the Publisher to stop the release! Now, Book Banning too? Why is he so scared what Sloppy Steve Bannon might say?
Ahhyup! Sloppy Steve is talking...and with 2 Subpoenas, and a Grand Jury lurking around the Corner?  It's payback time for the man that Trump reportedly said; "cried & begged on his knees not to fire him"! Shithole Donald attempted to place Sloppy Steve with a gag order, to prevent him from, with those 2 Subpoenas waving at him...he's going to sing like a Soprano!How is the Investigation going? The Republican Party is now in full complicity with Russia & Donald Trump! Devin Nunes putting out a phony horseshit memo, the same memo attacked by Sessions and Wray as being totally incomprehensible, reckless, & irresponsible to put that classified information out...Trump the Traitor and Fake President, naturally is 100% in favor of releasing the Fake Info.
When you have to make up parts of an intelligence report to favor your side and discredit honorable people to save the're in as much direct collusion & obstruction of justice as anyone else! But, that's life in today's Degenerate Grand Old Party...Power rules over Principles, Party over the People, and White Male Supremacy rules over our Nation's Laws!
Trump and the Republican Party are completely transparent about  their disdain for the Rule of Law...and could care less how they break the Laws and destroy what remains of our fragile Democracy...yes, whatever remains after Trump, his Cabinet, the GOP, and their Russian Partners completely rip Ft Knox from all its Gold and are never seen again!...just like two-bit Dictators!
It's not just Collusion or Obstruction of Justice, but World Wide Money Laundering, Racketeering, & Working with a Foreign Power against the Interest of the United States…that's "Treason"! Openly being an apologist for Putin and his Spy Hackers, while attacking America's own Intelligence Services, and refusing to invoke bipartisan veto-proof Congressional Sanctions against Russia...that's Treason! 
"Treason". For that, there's a very special place of honor...a Throne reserved for the Mad King Donald to sit's called the "Rosenberg" Chair!
Mueller Zeros In on Story Put Together About Trump Tower Meeting - The New York Times: Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, has pressed witnesses about a statement hastily written last summer aboard Air Force One and wants to know more from President Trump.

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