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Making the Most of Treason...Trump Style

Posted on the 20 March 2018 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Since Day Number One, Donald Trump has been running around in circles like a chicken with his head cut's his phobia about being exposed as a Patsy, a stooge used by the Russians in return for Russia handing him the Presidency! 
Every guilty person lives a life of self-denial! If a man is Innocent, he doesn't have to repeat himself publicly 100 times a day to proclaim his innocence...if he's guilty? in Trump's case, his guilt just gushes out as quick as his Lies, do! Trump is so transparent, he's his own worst enemy!So, if Donald Trump is Innocent; why has He impeded in every way possible, every effort by the American Intelligence Community into stopping the Russian Intelligence's Computer Aggression against the United States, in an effort to destroy American Democracy, our Sovereignty, and our very way of life? Why??"We assess that Russian Intelligence Services will continue their efforts to disseminate 'False Information' via Russian State-controlled Media & Covert Online Personas, about US Activities to encourage anti-US Political views"…"We have seen Russian Activities & Intentions to Impact the 2018 Election Cycle" ~~~ Office of Director of National IntelligenceThe NSA's Director Mike Rogers, who's also the Head of the US Cyber-Command at the Pentagon asked Donald Trump for Orders to allow the US Cyber-Command to stop all known Russian Hacks directed at the 2018 Elections. Trump? Naturally, refused to order attacks at Russians attacking the integrity of American Elections...again!!Rogers, merely confirmed what's been happening for way too long; "Even as Our Nation is under attack from a Russia, determined to subvert our Democracy, the President has not directed any relevant agencies to 'defend' the Country"!!CIA Director Mike Pompeo said; "For months, we have seen Russian Activity & intentions to 'Impact' the 2018 Election Cycle…and, with some 'visible' reluctance from the Administration to do something about it"!FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly called for the White House to halt Devin Nunes' Bogus "Memo" on the Russian Investigation. He cited grave concerns about the phony memo used as a Political tool to further discredit Mueller and obstruct the Investigation. “Making this Memo Public will almost certainly Impede our ability to conduct clandestine activities operating outside any legal or judicial system on an International Scale”!...absolutely nothing from Trump.
A CULTIVATED STOOGE OWNED BY A RUSSIAN ASSASSIN:Russian Corruption in the United States? Alexander Torshin, a "Russian Politician" with very close ties to Vladimir Putin, has been "cultivating" a relationship with an easily corruptible group, the NRA, for years. Torshin illegally funneled $Millions$ via the NRA to the Trump Campaign.Trump vehemently refuses to Impose Sanctions on Russia. Sanctions for sabotage and directly hacking US Elections. Sanctions passed overwhelming by a Bipartisan Congress, Veto-proof at 517-5!
That's 419-3 by the US House, and 98-2 by the US Senate! That's as Bipartisan as it ever going to get! But, he still refuses to Impose Sanctions!The question Inquisitive Americans continue to ask; Why??? Why won't he Impose Russian Sanctions ordered by the United States Congress?? And if Congress passes a Veto-Proof Bill, whether he tries to Veto it or doesn't Sign it...could those actions in some way, not obeying the orders passed by Congress...put Trump in Contempt of Congress?It's the continuing story of Comrade Trump's firm refusal to blame Russia...despite incontrovertible evidence that the Russians attacked our Elections in 2016, and the word from all the Heads of America's Intelligence Community that they'll do it again in 2018. Trump continues to exonerate Putin of any wrongdoings.Donald Trump is a Russian the extreme! A man who openly admires Russia's Intelligence, while cutting down and Castigating his own American Intelligence Community.
An extremely ignorant and willing fool caught in Vladimir Putin's Web of Foreign Intrigue, Corruption, Murdered/Jailed Opponents & Journalists, Russian Mob, Oligarchs, and full-blown Kleptocracy!But, could he just be an Ignorant & Clueless Asset, cultivated by a slew of former KGB the Steele Dossier truly suggests...including by a former KGB Lt. Colonel, Vladimir Putin.
King Fool has been compromised by his buddy...Vladimir the Crazy Ivan!
Whether compromised by Pee Pee Tapes, Pedophilia activities, Money dealings, or even a pledge to deliver the United States of America; lock, stock, & barrel to Russia...everything for the right price!
Whatever that price might have been, really doesn't matter...Donald J Trump is going down!!
1) "I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian Meddling in our Election. He vehemently denied it. I've already given my opinion...I believe him"2) "He's running his Country and at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this Country (Obama)" Trump told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" in December 2015.3) Trump defended Putin 2 times against charges that he's a Killer by saying in effect that "The US is no better or different" & "You think our Country is so different"?4) Agreed with Putin that the Press is Fake, and we should get rid of them!...not mentioning the hundreds of Journalists killed or Jailed in Russia. Also believes opponents like in Russia, should all be Jailed!5) When Bill O'Reilly pressed Trump, calling Putin a "Killer", Trump continued his defense. "Well, take a look at what we've done, too", he said of American Leaders. "We've made a lot of mistakes". Still, with all his might...defended Putin!6) Putin showed an animated video presentation of a new Russian Missle System that can pinpoint the strike accurately. It showed the Missile aimed & hitting the United States...pinpointed at Florida, and directly at Mar-a-Lago!
That was a direct slap in the face by Russia and Trump's Puppet Master, himself, at Trump and the United States!...and our spineless Coward-in-Chief took it like the Coward he is, kept his famous trap, for once shut and didn't utter a word!7) Trump broke security practice of not permitting Russian Intelligence Agents in the White House's Oval Office. Happily telling his visitors he just fired James Comey, he then ordered all his staff out of the office...including the Chief of Staff, the VP, the Sec of State, White House Counsel, and all the American Press.Then, while being all alone with the Russian Ambassador, the Foreign Minister, and a Russian Press Photographer, he proceeded to show them America's Intelligence Community's Confidential "Top Secret" Info! Info that went public and cost Israel's top spy inside ISIS to be dangerously exposed!
That alone is considered Treason...and the Rosenbergs were Executed for far less!
Our American Intelligence Community all agree, and has been confirmed that hook or by poised to influence and even steal the 2018 Election Cycle!
How are we going to stop them with a President who clearly doesn't want to interfere with Moscow's intentions in America???
It's how far We, the People are willing to go and demand Trump's way or another!There's no doubt anymore that Trump is Guilty as Sin! No doubt he's been compromised by the Russkies!...whether through Blackmail or his own brilliantly stupid Finagling.He's totally 100% owned by Vlad!...and his Mueller Time Meltdowns are more frequent as Mueller closes in!Money Laundering & Racketeering, Obstruction of Justice, Illegally Paying off Hush Money, Emoluments Deals with Americans and Foreign Powers...both, Friends and Enemies...and working with a Foreign Power against the Interests of the United States...that's Treason!...any which way you cut it!!Donald Trump is Guilty on all counts! It's really up to us!...We, the People cannot afford to remain silent, any longer! Our Voices are the most powerful in the it or not, America's Voice is looked up as a Beacon of Hope for Freedom and Liberty!
If we don't speak out, not only #TraitorTrump and #Treason are the winners...#Traitors and #Dictators all around the World will reap the rewards!Patrick Henry said; "If this be Treason, make the most of it"!
A Treasonous Trump is literally making the most of it!...though not necessarily what Patrick Henry meant!
For Trump? It's selling out the Sovereignty of his own Nation and selling out the American People while making America a Great Russian Satellite...and all, in return for expanding his Trump Brand Assets!
Is Donald Trump a Traitor?...You Decide!!
Asked about U.S. election meddling, Putin resorts to an anti-Semitic smear – ThinkProgress

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