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The NRA's Worst Nightmare...A Children's Crusade

Posted on the 25 February 2018 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"There can be no keener revelation of a Society's Soul than the way in which it Treats its Children" ~~~ Nelson Mandela
Beware, America!  Our Youth are Mad as Hell...and they're not going to take it anymore!!
They speak about the Political Establishment, about the NRA, and mentioned in their statement; "They don't care a bit...they want us all to forget and 'move on'. Not this time"!!
The NRA & American Politicos are finally being exposed for what they really are!...and exposed by Children!
When you hear these 14-18 year old's own words, you can't help but notice their Angst, their Anger, but also, how eloquently these Students are able to speak!...stating their anger and frustrations towards the Gun Laws established by Lawmakers, whose blind ambition of going for the $Gold$ supersedes the Health & Safety of the constituents who elected them to keep them Healthy & Safe!
When horrific tragedies like this mass murder at Stoneman-Douglas High School occur, every single damn time, Right Wing Demagoguery goes rampant...and no longer with just a little help from their friends; the National Rifle Association...a GOP Congress, 100% complicit with the NRA, believes in tearing down all ours Future Generations for the filthy Love of their Blood Money!
For way too long, people complained about the issues of Hand Guns, Rifles, and Assault Weapons, how to keep our kids safe in schools and how to stop all these mass murders?...but a Congress bought & paid in full; lock, stock, and barrel by the benevolence of the NRA...they have shamelessly ignored the parents & families of the victims, the survivors, and of the mental & emotional trauma that occurs within the local community!
You would think someone would do something already to stop all the gun violence spreading around the country...but, you have a Congressional Majority of Republicans made up of raving Spineless Cowards, too weak minded, and with no cojones to face their NRA Benefactors & say; Never Again!...No more money!
When that Money is slapped into their "greased palms"..."No more" usually turns into; "Oh! That much more?!?!"
We're a Violent Nation covered in Historical Violence!...and the Shootings, just keep on coming!
146 Mass Shootings in the United States between 1967 and 2017! Are you proud of that, America??
With Less than 5% of the World's Population, 31% of all the World's Mass Shootings occurs in the United States. USA, #1!
When it comes to Mass Murders,  Single Murders, other Criminal Acts, White Collar, and Blue Collar Crimes...USA, #1!
When it comes to the Most Jails and most people Incarcerated, worldwide? USA #1!
The United States owns 48% of the approx. 650 million civilian-owned Guns in the estimated 310 million guns (89 out of every 100 people) are owned in America!... USA! We're #1 We're #1!
Between the years 2006 and 2017, America lost 1,358 of its people! all due to 271 Mass Shootings! These incidents do not reflect the hundreds of Dead by Police Violence across this Nation! or all other violent crimes committed every day across this Country.
Gun Homicide rates are 25% Higher in the United States than any other high-income "civilized" Nation.
And since the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired and never renewed in 2004 by NRA owned Politicos, the rate of Mass Shootings around the Country has sharply risen to a staggering 200% !!
And what about the traumatized victims' families and survivors of these Mass Murders?...people who'll have to live with those memories imprinted in their minds for the rest of their lives! 
Cicero once said; "The Life of the Dead is placed in the Memory of the Living." You can very well say, the kids at Stoneman-Douglas will never ever forget the experience of witnessing the violent deaths of their fellow students, teachers, friends, and buddies!
So, what's different about this Mass Murder? What makes it so different than all the other Mass Murders that have occurred up till now?
Well, besides the customary "Thoughts & Prayers" and the total spineless & gutless inactions by Congress that normally ensue all these Tragedies...this particularly young group of people decided that enough is enough!!
Witnessing live, this life-altering event after reading and seeing previous Mass Murders on TV and the News, this group of truly fine young men and young women...all, teenagers!...took matters into their own hands, and took direct action, going straight-on head to head, against the Mighty NRA and the Cowardly GOP!
20 Teenagers formed #NeverAgain, and in a very short time, its become a dominant, if not 'the' dominant force and voice for #GunControl in America. Their cry is resonating throughout the Country, affecting schools, teachers, students, and communities throughout America! It's really all about making life safer for themselves and for America!
Our children are doing what we have not! We've seen all these tragedies, too, and nothing has been's not their responsibility, let teens be teens!'s our responsibility! to take action! take it to the streets! and take it to the front lines!
Oh! How they bring back memories of those younger days!! Another volatile time in America, when another generation of young people stood by their principles against a wrong war...and won!
Trump shamelessly calls the NRA; "America's Heroes". Heroes?
You mean the "Heroes" that treats the Massacre of Children as a political opportunity to belittle their Deaths? And to verbally attack Gun Control advocates as "Dry Humping Whores"...who "Love Grieving & Crying White Women"!!
"Heroes" who don't give a shit whether you're crazy or not, how old you are, or who dies, as long as they can sell you the damn Gun! Whether you kill someone or kill yourself! They don't give a shit!! They just want to sell you a Gun!...and get their $Money$ up-front, naturally!
The National Rifle Association are not Heroes! They are no one's Heroes!...they're America's face of Treason! Donald Trump's "Heroes" like Trump himself, are America's Traitors!!
These Kids in Florida? they 'are' America's True Heroes, my friends!...they have the Guts, the Courage, the Valor, and the Fortitude, that it takes to get into a hostile professional political arena...and the smarts! They've got the natural courage our President lacks to face real evil straight on. To say to the NRA, Trump, and his GOP; Fuck You!
These remarkably bright teenagers, certainly the product of some very fine Educators, will not stop till every man, woman, and child in America can feel safe again, wherever they are!
Never Again! will anyone die just because the NRA's little coward whores in Congress are tainted with their Blood Money. They're all totally emasculated, they'll never speak out against their favorite Cash Cow...but! that won't stop the Stoneman-Douglas Students;  #VoteThemOut!! Is their credo...and their movement will long continue!
Right now, on March 24, 2018, their #NeverAgain March on Washington DC, their protest to Capitol Hill and certainly to the White House...will be a reminder, directly to Trump, the GOP, and Wayne Lapierre's NRA...that America and its Children are not going to take it anymore, they're determined to get all Guns, especially Semi-Automatic Assault killing machines like AR15s off the streets, and will be actively busy finding pro-NRA Republicans to  #VoteThemOut ...remember, November is politically...just around the corner!
Look out, NRA! there's a new Children's' Crusade in town! A movement you never expected, not even in your wildest dreams!...they are knocking down your House! and that won't even be your Worst Nightmare!
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