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The Funny Border Collie Dogs Highlight for Their Impressive Intelligence

By Dogbreeds

Today, we will refer to one of the best dog shepherds of all times, the border collie. This canine distinguishes mainly for being very smart and extremely active and agile. By looking at its appearance, we can see the border collie dogs body is perceived as sportive and a bit larger than tall. It is possible to describe it like a wide chest breed with light-muscled legs. Its sweaty look always engages people. Its amazing fur also stands-out, and it requires to be brushed every day because it entangles easily. A border collie’s height is approximately 20 inches (53 cm), and its weight may range between 26 pounds (12 kilos ) to 44 lbs (20 kg).

This canine is very active and we can confirm this by looking that they always need something to do and rarely stay calm. This dog is friendly and loyal if we are able to teach them to socialize during their early ages. In the contrary, if they are left alone or they are wrongly educated, they tend to me a bit aggressive. Referring to their health, from all dog breeds the border-collie is susceptible to get hip dysplasia, progressive retina atrophy, epilepsy, deafness, and anomaly of the collie eye.

Border Collie Dogs Picture

Its superior intelligence when compared with many other breeds, let them highlight in a variety of dog sports and they are very easily trained. However, the border collies can develop a destructive when they are not given the physical and mental practice they need. In other words, if they do not receive the adequate attention, for sure it may turn into a problematic, nervous, aggressive and destructive canine.

For this reason, this type of mascot is suggested to active persons and not sedentary ones. It is crucial that the proprietor of border collie dogs enjoys having a good time with them with outdoor activities, and that he is responsible of sharing a good time with them. It is also very important to have sufficient patience during the dog training moments.

Picture via: dogdogs.co.uk

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