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The Full Moon in Pisces on 21st September – The Incomplete Truth

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The Full Moon in Pisces on 21st September – The incomplete truth

We are on the verge of another full Moon, and this one early tomorrow morning (UK time) lands in the sacrificial sign of Pisces. As you will know if you have followed my work or any other reputable astrology writer, the Full Moon is a moment in time when everything comes together and the full extent of a situation is known and revealed. Now I preface that this is normally the case, but in this particular situation and under this full Moon, I am not so sure if the full extent of what is going on will be opened out. The reason is that both Pisces where the Full Moon will be located and its conjunction with Neptune moving in its own sign may cast elements of doubt and will bring a lack of clarity over proceedings. I say may, because with Neptune and Pisces, you never know where the end is, as everything is so open-ended.

The Full Moon in Pisces on 21st September – The incomplete truth

The Full Moon will occur at 28 degrees Pisces and funnily enough it reconnects an aspect that occurred much earlier in the month. Back in early September, we experienced a Mars Neptune opposition that characterised and oversaw the pull out from Afghanistan - military (Mars) Neptune (disintegration). Now this Full Moon pulls this opposition back together with Mars conjunct to the Sun and Moon conjunct to Neptune. There could be ramifications, follow on events and weaknesses highlighted and linked to the things that affected us in the first week of September. You may also start to understand or realise the extent of the chaos that has been going on; not that this Full Moon will be much easier to handle either as there will be an element of instability that will be happening right now too.

Now I always feel that the effects of a Full Moon start to manifest a few days before the event, and I think you saw that happening with the decision a couple of days ago of the US, UK and Australia to band together in a new cooperation deal, and to simultaneously cut France out of a major submarine deal with the Aussies. We have the military angle (Mars), the nautical angle (Neptune), the decision to act (Mars), the betrayal and dissolution (Neptune) plus the reveal (Full Moon) of behind the scenes discussions (Neptune/Pisces). All this happened before the lunation had even come together.
My sense on seeing the way this Full Moon was forming, was that in some way many of us are going to get let down in some way by what goes on over this weekend, and things may get extremely emotional. The Neptune and Pisces elements opposed to Sun Mars suggest that actions we do may not work out, or we may feel disappointment, loss or a feeling of not being given the full picture. Whatever you try to do may be undermined or incomplete, and somebody out of view may make things difficult. Remember, Neptune also represents the hidden enemy. The other feeling I had was one of loss and letting go. We may see some prominent deaths linked to Mars and Neptune, so military, sport, people of action or those in the acting, dance, music, visual and creative worlds. There will be things that you will not be aware of that are going on, so be careful not to pre-judge things.

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