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The First Sunglasses Were Created in a Very Cold Place!

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Opticalh @OpticalH

We use sunglasses to protect our eyes, to protect us from the wind, to drive and even as a fashion accessory, but you know what is its origin?

In prehistoric times!

The Inuit, eskimo people from Siberia, were the first to use the closest thing to sunglasses that we know today. It is known that their main motivation for the invention was to neutralize the damage and discomfort caused by reflections of the sun on the white snow. These powerful reflections may even affect the cornea and reduce your visibility (partial blindness). That was how, with rudimentary means, they created the first “models” using crafted walrus ivory, which let in much less light into their eyes.


XII century, China

Later, in the twelfth century, in China it began to be used tinted glass to darken the glasses. The goal was to hide the facial expression during trials and thus to not influence decisions with emotions.


XVIII Century, James Ayscough, England

In these years, the British James Ayscough began experimenting with tinted glasses, but in this case, his goal was not to protect himself from the sun’s rays, but to try to correct vision problems.


XX century, Foster Grant, 1929

It was not until the twentieth century that sunglasses similar to today ones appeared. They became popular when Hollywood actors began to use in the film set, to avoid be dazzled by the lights of the set. It is known that the first models of the pioneer Sam Foster, were sold in Atlantic City, back in 1929. The flagship model was the “Foster Grant”. A year later, in 1930, they were available to be purchased in many places in USA, thanks to its firm Foster Grants.


These days, technology and developments in the optical world bring us sunglasses models that these early visionaries could not even imagine.

And the future? What does it hold for us? We will write soon about the new trends and latest innovations. Stay tunned!

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