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The First Child Diagnosed with Autism & Link Sharing

Posted on the 17 May 2011 by Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Embrace the Positive-article talking about embracing the special talents and skills of those on the spectrum.

Disaster preparedness for persons with autism

Autism Presents Greater Challenges After Graduation

I had never read about the first child diagnosed with autism and I was sitting here and thought to Google it so I thought I’d share what I’ve found. This was really interesting because normally when you hear about people diagnosed with autism from long ago you think about seclusion, institutions, and being shunned from the community. Donald’s story is filled with acceptance, happiness, and hope. It was very cool to learn about him.

The Atlantic: Autism’s First Child

The Atlantic Video about Donald Gray Triplett:

Good Morning America Discussion-Autism’s First Child:

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