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The EU & UK at a Complete Impasse Over Brexit

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The EU & UK at a complete impasse over Brexit

So still the talks go on, day after day, disagreement after disagreement. Are the EU & UK flogging a dead horse? Unfortunately, I think so.Just have a look at the issues where there remain huge differences of opinion. These include fishing, a level playing field on social standards, and governance of any deal. The last two issues are based on trust that neither side are going to flout any agreements made, and as for fishing, those between the two sides are as wide as the English Channel itself. Britain wants to control her waters and France's president Macron in particular finds himself in a difficult position. He needs to show to the French fishermen and coastal communities that he means business, as he may need their votes in the upcoming French election. Thousands of French fishing jobs will be at risk if Britain curtails access to French boats.

So what does fishing, community, social conditions and trust all have in common in terms of Astrology? The planet Neptune. Neptune rules the seas, collective action, sacrifices having to be made, honesty or lack of it.

The EU & UK at a complete impasse over Brexit

Now where is Neptune right now? It is at a pivot point at 18 degrees Pisces, square to the Nodal Axis at 20 degrees Gemini/ Sagittarius. In short, Neptune is interfering in all our lives. Neptune also rules viruses and illness, hospitals and social care matters, so even if you are not in the EU or UK, this position is surely affecting you in some way.

The EU & UK at a complete impasse over Brexit

Let's take the UK and EU charts and see if Neptune is causing any issues there. Firstly, on the UK chart, you'll see that Neptune at 18 Pisces is square to the UK Mercury, planet of agreements at 17 Sagittarius sitting in the house of agreements, documents and communications, the 3rd house. Mercury rules the 9th house of international trade and deals with other countries, and this is the house of international law too. Mercury also rules the 12th house of sacrifices, doing things behind peoples backs or giving up, and letting go of things or situations. Based on that alone, do you think that the UK is going to trust the EU? I think that there is going to be some distrust of anything going on, or suspicion that what is being said or proposed (Mercury) isn't exactly truthful (Neptune). I am not totally giving up that UK sacrifices to EU demands will be made, but based on past efforts and the rhetoric coming out of Downing Street, I severely doubt it.

The EU & UK at a complete impasse over Brexit

With the EU chart, Neptune sits inconjunct to the EU Ascendant at 17 degrees Leo. That's difficult, as it indicates that the EU needs to shift it's position in regards to fishing and collective bargaining decisions. Will they? Leo Ascendants are fixed, and pride often comes before a fall with Leos, I know - I am one!! Will they want to cave in to British demands? Will Macron in particular give in to the British? I doubt it very much. Indeed, they might want to see the British suffer for a while, and that would be hugely popular at home in France.

So do I think that there will be a deal? Well just look at Uranus on the EU chart, at 7 degrees Taurus opposed to the EU Sun at 8 degrees Scorpio in the 4th house, the Ascendant ruler - a fixed opposition. That says to me that the composition of the EU will split asunder, break apart, the landmass will change, a new start, new conditions, and the EU will act independently in their own interests, regardless of what others might think or want. Based on that, I cannot possibly see a deal being agreed before 31st December arrives, and the the bells ring out around the world for the start of 2021...

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