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The End of the Rope

By Darcsunshine


Your days drag into night
All filled with doubt
You’re in way too deep
Can’t find your way out

This doesn’t seem what life should mean
Where did it all go wrong
Something inside of you makes you hang on
You just don’t know for how long

I know where you’re at my friend
I’ve walked in your shoes
Please believe in what I have to say
Life is the only choice you need
To get you through this day

So when your days are filled with darkness
And your nights caught up in fear
Please hang on with all you’ve got
To this life we hold so dear

Look to the simpler things
And clear your mind
Solve your troubles one by one
And peace you’ll find

When you feel you’ve come to the end of your rope
Tie a knot and hang on
Better days will surface soon
Just tie a knot and hang on 


The end of the rope
The end of the rope
The end of the rope

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