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The End?

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5

The End?Was it the end, was it already finished…?
It was the last night of December; everyone was really excited for the New Year. The flashy fireworks gave a feeling of warmth in the chilly night.
She was walking down the street in her blue tank top, her flat beige pumps. I could hear the crunch of gravel and soft wood with every step she took.
For once I knew that she was aware of me looking, but wasn't that obvious... we once used to walk together on the same road.

As I opened my eyes in the bright sunlight I didn’t quit realize where I was. I stood up and walked to the mirror and saw something right then, something was different, changed.i was incomplete or shall we say "New", unfamiliar...a total stranger. I stood there for an endless minute. Then my vision blacked out, my legs went numb… I couldn’t stand it, I started to shout, moaned in agony, called for help.
As if someone was there to hear my weak voice.

The pain was sharp, unbearable. I was drowning in a deep sea, hardly had the strength to move my arms, to swim back up to the bright sunlight, back to Life!
Was I drowning?
I could hear faint voices. My vision was still not clear. I could see water splashed colors. Blue color…
She was sitting beside me now, holding my hand. I could feel the cool marble of her smooth hand's. I wanted to shout at her. I wanted to tell her to leave me all alone, but I couldn't, I didn’t had the strength.
or maybe deep inside I wanted her to stay with me, to sit here with me for  as long as possible. Maybe forever?
The bright lights blinded my already unclear vision. Everything was foggy, I couldn't breathe, could hardly move my fingers and suddenly I lost the grip.
White feathers surrounded me, white feathers like her slender body. I was floating. Was it the end?
 I threw myself up and bounced back, a shiver ran through my body. This cannot be the end, heavens had to be peaceful. And soon I realized what was happening.

I was back in the pale room. Subconscious, faint memories coming back to life.  
"Obaid, I have to leave, I… I cannot do this anymore" then she left. Left me for someone else, for a new life. She wasn't aware that I was suffering from cancer; I was fighting it in the last stage. I didn’t wanted to tell her because I knew I've lost her. Everything was over, so soon?
The creak of the door dragged me back to the aching present. I had very less time left, I knew it. The voices were getting fainter and I could hardly see anything. The only thing I could feel now was the warmth of someone hands on mine and I knew it was her, my pretty wife, ex-wife.
Moisture filled my eyes and the water works started to escalate. A warm tiny tear dropped on my hand. May be she was regretting to leave me now, maybe we could get together again, maybe there was still a chance.. but it was too late.
I let the shutters close.

"Obaid! No... No Obaid don’t leave me! Please…"

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